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Sunday Spotlight: Dr. Barbara Sinor

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One of the experiences I treasure as the editor of this blog is having the pleasure of meeting, dealing with, and publishing the works of seasoned writers and new writers that show great talent and promise. Early on in the process of developing our brand, we decided to try something new, something other blogs weren’t doing, we decided to publish and promote the works, links, and books of other writers – What? Isn’t that suicide? To show your blog’s audience another writer, blogger, or author’s sites, links, and books? I know, we wondered the same thing – were we nuts?

The truth was that we created a new style of collaboration in the blogosphere that has become a hit. We have become the Johnny Appleseed of the blogosphere. We have latched-on to the age old principle of sowing and reaping. We have created a true win-win for our contributors. They bring their audience to our site, and our audience conjoins with theirs to create a larger, more diverse, and exciting audience.

In that spirit of collaboration, we have decided to add the “Sunday Spotlight” feature to our list of weekly blogs. Each week, we will take a contributing writer/author from our Published Contributors page (who has had more than one post published on the site) and spotlight them with the hope of generating more interest in their work, their links, and their books. Yes, we want you to go visit their sites, leave comments, and become their fans. This inaugural Sunday Spotlight post highlights a very seasoned writer, our dear friend, contributor, and follower, Dr. Barbara Sinor. Get to know her, she is a true gem. Below, you’ll see her list of published posts on our site – read them; they are interesting, captivating reads. Also listed is her new fiction book, Finding Destiny – Your new summer read? Check it out.

Scott Biddulph/Editor-in-Chief

Barbara Sinor, Ph.D



Barbara Sinor, Ph.D. is a retired psychotherapist living in northern California. Finding Destiny is Sinor’s long awaited first fiction novel, release date September 1, 2016. Her other six books are highly endorsed in the non-fiction genres of addiction recovery, childhood abuse/incest, adult children of alcoholics, and other self-help and inspirational topics. Dr. Sinor encourages your comments and can be contacted through her website: Sinor’s other writing appears in the quarterly Recovering the Self: A Journal of Hope and Healing, as well as other magazines, newsletters, and Blogs. She currently facilitates women’s groups, designs and makes jewelry, and is working on the sequel to Finding Destiny.

Amazon list of my books:  All of Barbara’s books on Amazon

Published posts on Two Drops of Ink:

1) Dr. Barbara Sinor talks about stepping out of your writing comfort zone: Write About It!

2) Inspirational Self-Help Author Dr. Barbara Sinor Publishes Debut Novel

3) Writer’s Limbo: Caught between the muses 

4) The Image/Memoir writing challenge: ‘Shadow Memories’

Her listing on our Book Shelf

‘Finding Destiny’ By Barbara  Sinor


Luana, a retired psychotherapist in southern California, discovers a novel about a girl living in England in the 1970s who has been raped. As Luana devours the book, she and the young woman each share their search for the innermost harbor of women’s life choices. Even though they live in separate countries and bridge many decades in time, their individual exploration of metaphysics, spirituality, and women’s rights culminates in a mysterious friendship.

Barbara’s Bio can be found on our ‘Published Contributors‘ page



  1. Love this new feature as well, Scott. A great opportunity to get to know the writers better! I will be visiting Barbara’s site – but has to take a peek at the first link here! Was immediately drawn into her story of how a non-fiction writer wrote her first fiction book! Very intriguing to me as they seem to be two totally different worlds 🙂

    • They are two different worlds, but it looks like she’s gaining some reviews on Amazon that are five star. She’s a wonderful lady, and has the most published contributions on our site.

  2. What a great addition ! Looking forward to getting to know other Authors/writers. You guys must drink really good coffee in Georgia to stimulate all of these good ideas. 🙂

  3. Great idea, Scott. Because recovery is one of my favorite topics, I’ll be checking Barbara’s previous posts and her site too. Word of mouth is still one the top ways to learn about authors and their books. I’m intrigued that she writes both fiction and nonfiction as it’s a goal for me as well.
    Blessings ~ Wendy

    • We’re so glad you like this feature. We hope it will help our treasured contributors even more. BTW – you’re going to be spotlighted as well (smiling).

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