To Coin a Phrase: Here we grow again, so we’re movng!

From the Editor:

Hello, my dear friends and family, I say that because many of you feel like family to us, and in your comments and emails, you refer to us in the same way. What an honor that is for us.

As for the title, yes, we are growing by leaps and bounds because of your wonderful, loyal readership, and because new followers and fans arrive each day. We strive to make this site attractive, fun and filled with useful, artistic, and thoughtful content. We have been blessed to publish people from across the spectrum of religion, race, creed, and color – we are diverse and we love it. But, never fear, we are told that the migration process to our hosting site (still going to be is elementary.

In 2015, we were experiencing our first explosion in growth. Our numbers were in the tens of thousands of views per month (I never like to throw out numbers). Suffice it to say, we were getting some real attention from readers and followers. However, we weren’t so happy with Blogger; it’s a tough site to deal with unless you’re an IT genius. There were other reasons, primarily attached to the aesthetics and theme choices which were limited. So, we moved to, which was only because I didn’t know any better (laughing). We should have chosen hosting and at that time, but I knew nothing about web hosting or any of the other jargon (remember folks, I’m an English major, not a science guy). I just wanted a better-looking site and better demographics.

The move was clunky because I didn’t create a redirect link (I don’t remember what it was called), and so, many followers lost us in the mix. That said, they finally found us again, and we are doing fine today. However, we don’t have the freedom we need, and want, if we are to grow to the next level, so we are migrating to a site, and we are paying for hosting.

I’ve paid some IT guys to get this done for us, we want it to be a smooth move, but I also wanted to warn our dear followers to watch, look, and follow us to the new site. Those of you whose blogs we follow, don’t worry, we will migrate that list as well. I’m told it will be seamless, but, who knows (laughing).

The point is this: we respect you, our dear, faithful audience, and we love you. We wanted to let you know the who, what, where, and why of this decision because it’s your site, too. Please email me at if you have any questions. The process should start tomorrow, and we are not supposed to really notice anything, but I never trust math people and scientists (wink).

Kind regards,


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  1. Congratulations to everyone at Two Drops of Ink for the tremendous growth you’ve experienced. I learn something new each time I visit here. May you grow forth and even multiply more. 🙂
    Blessings ~ Wendy

    • That’s good to know. So I’m guessing you went through this process yourself at one point? We have two categories of followers: those the follow us directly through WordPress reader, and those who follow us via email. We just don’t want to create confusion for followers. Everything else should be a positive for the site because we will be able to do more with the site. As many people know, is a good starting point, but it’s limited with regard to widgets, plugins, and so forth.

      • I did, Scott (with my website). I started out on one platform, then had my site professionally done by a web/graphic designer who actually moved my content over to my new host (seamlessly).
        Now, I am in the process of “moving” again. My designer did some updates on my site and set up a new blogging platform within the site itself (so I can finally move from blogger 🙂 )
        Although she has given me written detailed instructions as to how to move everything, I am terrified I will point the domain to the wrong server or something worse, so here I sit 🙂 It’s time to hire those movers!
        As far as your readers, they should all be able to find the new site after everything is pointed to it. I am sure you have communicated this to the IT people and it should not be an issue at all!
        Seamless, just Seamless!

  2. Hi, Scott. We’ve moved before to better digs, and this one is ‘moving on up’, too. Course, this time we knew to alert the readers and I love the image. I think someone took that of my car running to GA in ’84?

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