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Sunday Spotlight: Gene McCormick

Editor’s Note: 

Here we are again, it’s Sunday and time for Sunday Spotlight. Each Sunday we will spotlight a published contributor from our list. The idea is to reintroduce these wonderful and talented writers/authors to our audience, especially new followers that may not have noticed their writings here on the site, and to give them a boost in exposure. 

Gene is a unique writer in that he’s very humble about his work. He’s one of the most prolific writers on our list of contributors. As editor, I always research writers when they submit to us; I do it for a variety of reasons, but in some cases, I’m quite shocked about the body of work some of our contributing writers have out there. Gene is one of those writers. Even if you Google his name, you still have to dig a bit to find the totality of his body of work. So, this week I give you Gene, and I hope you’ll check out his links, his sites, and follow his work. He is a very talented writer. 


Gene McCormick



Gene has had twenty books published, a mix of non-fiction, fiction, and poetry. His writing regularly appears in small press publications throughout the United States and Europe. He has a novel, in narrative poetry form, coming out this fall from Middle Island Press: Obsessions. He also paints and has paintings in commercial and private collections nationwide. He has illustrated ten or so books (covers and interiors) and is the illustrator for

Gene’s website

Gene’s books

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  1. Gene, you are indeed prolific and talented! (Sometimes the two don’t co-exist with each other 🙂 ). As I read your poetry, I felt much like I have felt many times, especially as a restaurant patron in the Big Easy. You poetry transported me back to not only the sights, sounds and smells which in and of themselves intrigued me, but to the people whom I always enjoyed watching and eavesdropping on (Shhh!! Don’t tell anyone) as I invented lives for them that sometimes may have been more interesting than their real ones, and sometimes not! Anyway, your poetry whisked me away to a lovely afternoon 🙂 Thank you!

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