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Sunday Spotlight: Wendy L. Macdonald

Editor’s Note: 

Here we are again, it’s Sunday and time for Sunday Spotlight. Each Sunday we will spotlight a published contributor from our list. The idea is to reintroduce these wonderful and talented writers/authors to our audience, especially new followers that may not have noticed their writings here on the site, and to give them a boost in exposure. 

Wendy has been a true gem at our site. We love her devotion to this site and what her writing and collaboration with Two Drops of Ink have brought to our table as well. Her writing is filled with deep emotional appeal. Her faith is firmly rooted in her writing, poetry, and artwork which is displayed on her website and on her social media. She is a writer that I love to follow, and I read her posts, tweets, and other musings often. I hope you’ll take the time to get to now Wendy and follower her on her blog and social media outlets. Enjoy! 





Wendy L. Macdonald is a Canadian, inspirational writer/blogger/podcaster who also loves to photograph nature. When she’s not writing, drawing, gardening, or sewing, she enjoys hiking, with her husband, in the beautiful parks of the Comox Valley. She homeschooled her children and believes all those years of reading wonderful classics aloud helped develop her love of storytelling and writing. Wendy invites you to visit her blog: , where you will find nature photography and links to her “Daily Bread” style Facebook page and other social media sites. Her passion is inspiring others to walk with faith, hope, and love. You can hear her podcasts at: .

Wendy’s other links: 

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  1. Thank you, Scott, for the wonderful way you’ve welcomed me here to Two Drops of Ink. It’s not hard to be devoted to a site that’s devoted to writers and readers. I learn new things each time I visit, and I absolutely love reading memoir posts written by other contributors. Memoir is healing to read and write. It’s a powerful way to show and be shown you’re not alone in your journey.
    Blessings & thank you again ~ Wendy

  2. Wendy is indeed another gem! I always come away from her posts with strengthened faith, renewed hope and and deep sense of peace, because her words have directed me to my Lord who is the both the author and giver of all three.
    Keep being the beautiful voice you are Wendy!

    • Thank you for your kind and encouraging words, dear Terry. Reading that my “words have directed (you) to (our) Lord” is the best compliment I could ever hope to ask for. God is good through whatever life brings our way because He is the way to the peace we all crave.
      Blessings ~ Wendy xo

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