Poetry Break:’Go away morning’

Editor’s Note: 

I just wanted to say that as a lover of poetry sometimes the simple, soft imagery in a poem is just as strong as the converse. Marcelle captures a moment in time in this poem. It is a moment some of us know and understand or one that some of us long for and have never felt. Nevertheless, it is a moment that is fleeting. Enjoy how she grabs it, holds it, and exposes its beauty. Good job Marcelle. 

By Marcelle Newbold

Go away morning.
Let me lay here a
Moment longer
Surrounded by the warmth
that loves brings.

Go away morning.
I’m happy
In the relative stillness
of our family bed.

Those gentle, and not so gentle
Snores filling the air.
Four hearts beating their tunes
so close together.

Go away morning.
Let me hold on to this
just a moment longer.

Author’s Bio:


Marcelle is a mum to a toddler boy and baby girl from South Wales. She blogs to share words and poems about being a mummy and family life. These words came tumbling out – after not much sleep. Her words aim to remind of the wonder of it. The wonder of you and of them.  https://marcellenewbold.wordpress.com/blog/

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  1. Hello Marcelle,

    Thank you for sharing your lovely poem. It really captures an air of wistfulness from the speaker, who’s wanting to hold onto those precious moments of stillness and cosy warmth and seeking to delay the inevitable.

    It also reminds me of a child’s story book where one of the characters is looking out of a window with longing because s/he wants to go out and play and the caption below reads:
    “Rain, rain, go away. Come back another day.”

    Your poem also presents a snapshot of family intimacy and togetherness.

  2. Hi Marcelle. You words so beautifully captured A truly precious gifts – moments spent with loved ones which pass much too quickly.
    I have so many sweet memories of moments like this one when my children were you and your piece welcomed them back.
    Continue to savor and capture those precious moments!

  3. Marcelle, I know this morning of which you speak. There is something about little ones in the quiet contentment of the morning that is sweet. Our rule was never wake a sleeping baby! Unfortunately sometimes it had to be done. I love how you capture the calm and solitude of such a moment. Brought back memories for me. Welcome to Two Drops of Ink.

  4. Hi, Marcelle. Thank you for this lovely reminder that mornings are more than just stress and rushing to be somewhere else.

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