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Sunday Spotlight:

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Here we are again, it’s Sunday and time for Sunday Spotlight. Each Sunday we will spotlight a published contributor from our list. The idea is to reintroduce these wonderful and talented writers/authors to our audience, especially new followers that may not have noticed their writings here on the site, and to give them a boost in exposure. 

Mark is one of our beloved poets. We did a cross-promotional post with a site called Prose, which is much like but with a more talented and mature pool of writers and poets. Mark came to us from that promo between sites, and he was an immediate hit. Read his poems, check out his other writings on – you’ll surely become a fan.

Mark Cayou



Mark Cayou is a new and unique voice in the literary world. As a retired high school English teacher, Mark knows his way around everything from essays to Shakespearean sonnets. Although remaining active in education at a local middle school, Mark now has the time to pursue his more creative passions. Mr. Cayou’s work can be found on under the pen name Dark. Mark lives in the high country of Colorado with his wife Rebecca and their English Bulldog, Peanut.

Mark on Dark

Published posts on Two Drops of Ink:

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  1. Mark is an excellent contributor and I have to say I have really enjoyed his poems.

  2. Hello Mark,
    I paid a quick visit to Loved two of the pieces read – Life, and Bad and Good.
    Your students are blessed to have you!

    • Than you for visiting I’m glad you liked the pieces you found there – its a neat place. As for my students, I feel that I am the one who is blessed – trying to make a difference.

  3. Hi, Mark. I am so pleased that you are our Sunday Spotlight. It is just another way to get your poetry out there – sorry, I can’t quite define out there, but it’s going to FB, Linkedin, Twitter, and beyond. Again, what is beyond is, well, beyond me.

    • Always happy to be “out there,” Marilyn. I am thrilled to be featured. Thank you for your support.

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