Will the Real Writer Please Step Forward?

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I want to personally thank Carol for the kind words and compliments she’s given our site. We’re thrilled when we see a writer gain their wings and begin to trudge the happy road of destiny in their own careers. I promise, we didn’t pay her for an advertisement (laughing), these are her words, but, we get many of these types of compliments, which tells us that we are on the right track with regard to collaborating with other writers, authors, and bloggers. We sow the literary seeds, and we have the enormous pleasure of seeing a wonderful harvest emerge. Thanks to all of you from all of us at Two Drops of Ink. 

By Carol Hind

As a novice writer, one of the things I used to struggle and suffer a lot of angst over, was the topic or article I should write about in the first place.

I’d obsess over the type of subject I should write about, the type of publication I should (or could) write for. Whether I, a complete novice, even had anything interesting, or worthwhile to say about a particular topic. Whether once I’d decided on a subject, I’d be able to write with aplomb, bringing a highly creative twist, or an intellectual air to the piece (sadly I was of the mistaken opinion that publishable writing had to be high-brow).

Instead of just going ahead and writing, I’d obsess, obsess, obsess! I’d discard one ‘unsuitable’ idea after the other. I had unrealistic expectations and standards.  I wanted to be an overnight success. I wanted to be the next Zadie Smith, or emulate the phenomenal achievements of J K Rowling!

And so, to all aspiring authors, novice writers, potential poets and wannabe memoirists, the existence of resources such as Two Drops of Ink are an incredible godsend. How I wish something like this was around when I began putting my hesitant feet forward in the glossy but elusive world of publication!

As an aspiring author and an intermediate-level writer, I’d encourage those afraid to get their feet wet in the world of publishing, to simply dive in.

A few years ago, I discovered a quote by H. Jackson Brown Jr, which I just love. It is: opportunity dances with those who are already on the dancefloor!

Now, if you are a procrastination queen (like me), or if you have perfectionist leanings (again like me—however, I now consider myself to be a ‘recovering perfectionist’!), then, precious reader, may I encourage you? Dear hesitant, self-conscious, or angst-ridden writer, may I issue a challenge and, much like the famous NIKE advert, urge you to just ‘do it!’?

Do your dream. Act on your deep-down, long-held writing and publication desires. Do it! Feel the fear but do it anyway!

Find an opportunity, or grab the one which Two Drops of Ink are so generously putting out there. Get out on the dancefloor and jive your way to the fulfilment of your writing dreams and publishing endeavors.

Do it! Dance. Write. Publish.

Give yourself the gift of personal achievement and satisfaction. Seek opportunities to showcase your writing. Unwrap the possibilities of literary exposure. Do it!

Whether your audience comprises fellow-bloggers, niche readers or wannabe writers, why not give of yourself and delight others with a window into your world, an insight into your uniqueness?  Be an example of courage, inspiration and writing discipline. Do it!

Fellow writers, let’s help to lighten the load and responsibility of producing content. Let’s show our appreciation to the deserving, hard-working editors of Two Drops, for their wonderful contributions and commitment to this literary blog. Let’s increase our involvement and the value of this writer’s resource by making an investment into its literary coffers.

Go on – I dare you! Let’s do it!

Carol Hind (Ladycee)



I’d describe myself as a God-seeker and recovering perfectionist. I’d also like to consider myself as a word-artist, although my husband often refers to me as a word-junkie! Now, as you’ve probably guessed, I love reading and I love words. I’m fascinated by and admire the way skilled writers use them and, I’ve long cherished a desire to join the ranks of prolific published writers, whose words are feted, followed and feasted upon by fans and word connoisseurs.

Prior to me becoming a blogger, I failed to apply myself to the joys of writing and publishing consistently, despite always declaring (to myself anyway) that writing is my passion!

Words are powerful! They have the potential to impart life or orchestrate death. And so my heart’s desire is for the ultimate creator and wordsmith to use my writing gift, infuse my words with his anointing, love, and power. I write to encourage and inspire both myself and others—to maximize our potential and live our best lives.




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  1. Love your writing! I’ve been exploring your blogs, etc. … We have so much in common it’s a little scary – I too am a recovering perfectionist … and I love the freedom to make mistakes and admit them with a laugh … I love the chance to learn new things and fail miserably and try again … and, Baby, it’s all God. After a long series of pride busting events I feel like trying to be perfect is a complete waste of time.Perfection is actually hiding from the things that scare us and the things we don’t have any control over. I’m done with being perfect. Yay! Blessings on your writing!

    • Dear mendellrachel 7,

      I happened to be re-reading my old posts at 2 Drops and came across your comment. I have no idea why I was not aware of it before and apologise for this much delayed acknowledgement. I do appreciate when readers take the time to engage with my posts and so thank you for reading and leaving me your encouraging comment.

      I’m happy to hear you’ve enjoyed reading my writing and hope your recovery from being a perfectionist is still going well.

  2. Hey, Carol,

    I appreciate the sound of inspiring others to feel the power of the own dreams. We can receive encouragement but we are the ones who must give ourselves permission to live our lives. Thanks for “going for it” in your life and inviting us to do the same.

    • Hello Rick,

      I came across your comment today and am so sorry that it is only now (well over a year) that you are receiving my response. I am not sure why I was not aware before now. You must think me very rude!
      Thank you so much for reading my post and taking the time to comment. I appreciate this and trust you are also “going for it”.

  3. […] And the third cause of joy came from an editor of a literary blog, which I highly recommend. An article I’d submitted was published on Monday. I’d be so grateful if you’d kindly go along and visit and support me with your likes and comments. Here’s the link. […]

  4. Thanks so much Carol for your encouragement. I lost count on the many times I would start writing and then stop. I am currently rebuilding my blog and finding the courage to get on the dance floor again!

    • Hello Lorine,
      Thank you for reading and leaving me your comment. I’m happy to hear that I’ve encouraged you and that your are getting out there on that dance floor. All the best with rebuilding your blog! 🙂

  5. Thank you, dear Carol, for the encouraging pep talk and comforting reminder we’re not alone. I agree that Two Drops of Ink is a great place for writers to dance.
    Blessings ~ Wendy

    • Hello Wendy,

      Thank you so much for reading my article and leaving your lovely comment. It is good to know we are not alone and it’s great having somewhere like Two Drops to meet, seek comfort and inspiration.

  6. Hi Ladycee – Have you been peeping into my living room window?! Quilty of all of the above and I have to overcome the fear each and every time and just do it!
    I totally echo your sentiments regarding our hard-working, community-building, sowing into our writing lives, editors! Having their encouragement as well as the support of this community is a rare gem and a such a blessings. THANK YOU TO EACH OF YOU!
    And THANK YOU, Ladycee for your spot-on post!

    • Hello dear blogging/writing friend,

      Not guilty! Truly! Just peeping into the souls of writers (smile).
      I absolutely agree with you – the editors and community of Two Drops are special, to be treasured. Thank you for being part of that. Thank you for your encouragement re this post. Appreciated.

  7. Carol, I think every writer can relate to the fear of putting ourselves out there and the desire to be known for the effect our words have. You beautifully expressed what we all feel. You also gave us a kick in the pants to get moving! Thank you for your motivational post!

    • Dear Michelle,

      I hope you and the other editors know what a special place you are creating here at Two Drops. I admire you all and am always inspired by your posts.

      Thank you for your lovely and encouraging comment. I particularly liked the ‘beautifully expressed’ part. Like music to my ears! And now you’ve supplied the music, I guess I’m gonna have to keep dancing! 🙂

  8. Hi, Carol…

    You’ve inspired me to type the following statement first…here…now! “Any budding writer who declines a free ticket to ride your inspiration train obviously needs their motivator repaired!”

    Thoroughly enjoyed reading your post, Carol – for me, it won’t be lost in the wilderness of words, will be referenced numerous times in the future.

    The points you make are so credibly valid, the pro’s and con’s, the emotions – each one squarely on target. Exactly the type of experienced insight that many novice writers don’t even know they need. Your words provide a clear view for those experiencing the same obstacles.

    I quickly related to, and appreciate your inclusion of, the comment “window into your world” because those words so precisely describe my scribbling – I have no agenda, no goals for my writing. I just write – lf one were to look through my window, over my shoulder, you would observe me writing about “my world”. What I see or imagine is what appears on the screen. I know I don’t write “right” (I have to…must – admit to editing!) but, when on this keyboard, my world is at my fingertips. I’m free to write about it in any manner I choose. the words have no destination, no particular intention, don’t have to “do” anything for anybody, except me! That is “my world”.

    I, also, am an avid fan of Two Drops – the commitment of their troops, the opportunities provided. I offer myself as a perfect example of gracious and grateful acceptance (who knew?!), the broad scope, detection of underlying potential, and the consistent, friendly reinforcement at the Two Drops Inn. I have some friends there.

    Please provide more posts, Carol – I, and others, most grateful for your contributions.

    • Wow slug – I am almost at the point of tears from your encouraging, heartfelt words! Thank you so much. They are dearly appreciated. In fact, I’ll be printing off all these precious comments for those days when I feel down and discouraged about my writing.

      I am so happy to hear that I’ve inspired you and I feel humbled by your request for more posts. Thank you.

  9. Thanks for the advice Carol. As a fellow perfectionist I can relate. I want to study the craft until I know it inside and out before showing my stuff to the world. It’s hard to take the plunge.

    • Hello Jayne,

      Thank you for reading, for your appreciation and for taking the time to comment.

      I felt the same way – wanting to know as much as possible before taking the plunge. I came to the realisation that my reading and studying was a subtle form of procrastination.

      I do hope it wont be too long before you feel ready to start sharing your work. It need not be for publication to begin with, but with a trusted circle or writing friend for gentle feedback. Sharing is also part of the learning curve.

      My best wishes for your writing endeavours.

  10. Hello Ladycee! Yes! I’m guilty of all of the above. It took me awhile to muster up the nerve to publish. Finally, I did do it! Also, I agree with you about the resources and community at this site. Lots of useful information. I appreciate you! Thank you, John

    • Hello John,

      Thank you for reading and for your comment.

      Yes it does take some courage to put yourself out there and publish but what a sense of achievement when you do, what a high! I’m sure having tasted this you will not want to stop and I believe you are an encouraging example to the community here.

      Thanks for your appreciation.

  11. Hello Carol. One of the first things I learned about writing is that everyone has something important to say, even if they are a novice. When I first started writing I also used to obsess over everything, then I found the time to publish had passed (I was at the time writing articles for a professional journal). I am glad to hear I am the only person who wanted it to be perfect before going out the door. I recently added a post on my blog saying the writing was largely about having the confidence to do it. Many writers have to give up perfection to get something published.

    • Hello Peter,

      Thank you for reading my post and for joining in the conversation. Lovely to hear from you.

      Yes, I agree. Everyone has something worthwhile to say – whether novice or professional. I do hope you found some use for those articles you worked so hard on but missed the deadlines. Are they suitable for your blog? It would be a shame for them not to be used, or re-purposed.

      Perfection is an unreasonable and hard task master. Sadly, it has quite a grip on me but I do try to escape its clutches every now and again, or call time on its demands.

  12. Hi, Ladycee. Thank for the kind words, Carol. Sow and reap works for all of us.

    We just provided a dance floor – you twirled, strutted your stuff, and added to the site with your poetry. I hope readers will also go to your blogs for more of your inspiring pieces.

    • Hello Marilyn

      My thanks to you and the other editors for providing this dance floor. I love to dance and I love seeing others enjoy themselves dancing. I do hope as a community we will all feel comfortable and free about making our moves and I hope that you and the other editors will be richly rewarded for all the time, effort and inspiration you’ve sown into our lives.

      Thank you for your kind words.

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