‘Poetry Break’ by Jennifer Brown Banks



On loan

From heaven,

You grace us

With your presence

A mixture

Of sunshine

And thunder,

An unexpected wonder,

Touching hearts

Telling tales

Through your guitar

You elevate us

To that lofty place

You are



That deserve to be pampered,

Are pounding the pavement,

Keeping pace with the frantic beat

That has become the symphony of

My life-

Running errands,

Running ragged,


Feeling as if I’m running in place,

Immobilized by fear.

Feet that could speak


On places they’ve been,


That would make you laugh,

Some that would make you cry,


Enlightened from the journey.


Flat, wide, aching

With toes polished

In shades of tantalizing pink,

Seeking to be Sexy

In clearance-rack  pumps

Too tight

Heels too high,

Adding jiggle to my wiggle,

Auditioning to be,


Worthy of his fetish,


Ultimately hoping

To be shelved,

By a man who dares

To sweep me off of them



(4 the Singer formerly known as Prince Rogers Nelson)


He left the party early,


In purple wings and glitter,

Causing time to stand still,

Like 1999…

Then the music stopped

For all of us,

Leaving hearts

Of purple tears,


Purple Rain

Purple Rain…

© 2006 Jennifer Brown Banks

Author’s bio:



JENNIFER BROWN BANKS is an award-winning poet, award-winning blogger, author and content creator.
She blogs about the writing life and other lessons on her popular site, Pen, and Prosper.
She is a contributing author to “The Ultimate Freelancer’s Guidebook, Adams Media, 2016.
When she is not at the keyboard, she loves being creative in the kitchen.
To learn more visit: http://Penandprosper.blogspot.com/

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  1. Jennifer,
    Nora Jones is one of my favorites and you captured her perfectly! Also…I would love to hear the stories your feet could tell. Thanks for submitting!

    • Glad you enjoyed them. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment today. 🙂

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