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From the Editor:

I want to thank all of those who participated in our poll this last week. Two Drops of Ink has been on a wonderful ride of success. We have seen new writers gain exposure and a following. We have had the honor of collaborating with some real “heavy-hitters” who are widely published, prolific writers — traditionally published and self-published. We have also collaborated with other high-profile blogs and websites. All and all, we have been successful at creating a mega-center for collaboration – a virtual library of grammar, memoir, poetry, and prose from several wonderfully talented writers, bloggers, and authors. Yet, as we stated in the poll, we must stay on the cutting edge. Your feedback is what will direct our future here at Two Drops of Ink.

That said, here are the poll results:

#1 – was a request from our readers for more posts about writing advice (28.99%).

#2 – was the genre of memoir. Our readers love good memoir posts. This will probably come in the form of another writing prompt (23.67%).

#3 – was our “Grammar Shorts” posts (13.04%)

The other poll data was broken down in small numbers from there. Each poll question below the top three garnered about 2-6% respectively. These were our Sunday Spotlight, Wall of poets, The Book Shelf Shout Out, and other regular posts.

Despite the smaller numbers, we will continue to post Sunday Spotlight because it is an important part of exposing our contributing writers. The Wall of Poets may go away. We do get great commentary, views, and likes when we publish poetry; however, The Wall of Poets does not get the exposure we had hoped.

The Book Shelf Shout Out is another collaboration deal for those authors whose books we have agreed are worthy of exposing on our site. Frankly, I was shocked that it hasn’t taken off. If you look online in almost every social media group, you have innumerable authors pushing their books. I’ve often used the metaphor that selling a book is like being a fern on the bottom of the Red Wood Forest trying to glean some sunlight. Yet, we have had very few authors (despite our credibility and a large audience) submit their books for the shelf. We have had less than expected, but we have also turned away several books that were just not good enough to make the cut or a good fit for our site. As the editor, I refuse to give up on this idea that books can be a part of our collaboration efforts, especially when Twitter is a virtual marching army of authors trying to expose their books and gain sales.

We also had readers who, under the “other” slot, asked for more writing challenges and prompts — we will listen, and we agree. In fact, Marilyn L. Davis (our assistant editor) and I have been discussing this idea for some time now.

The conclusion:

We now see that our readers, followers, and fans love posts about writing advice, memoir, and grammar lessons the most. We will do our best to push for these types of submissions, hold writing contests that prompt great memoir posts, and I will dust off my nerdy grammarian hat and begin to write on grammar topics more often.

We also have a fantastic resource in our newest monthly contributor Dr. Noelle Sterne. She teaches writing, has authored books on the topic, and is one of our contributors whose expertise in this arena is top notch. Watch for her upcoming posts. Her writing advice will be extremely valuable to writers of all types and stages.

As always, we want to remain very approachable no matter how big this site gets. Please, always feel free to email me with questions, comments, and suggestions.

Kind regards,

Scott Biddulph/Editor-in-Chief






  1. I enjoy your writing advice, memoirs, and also like reading post from you, Scott. I’m sorry I missed the poll, for the most part I read everything all of YOU roll out, I can tell the majority of writers on here are passionate, I feel the words when reading them. Thank you, as well for your dedication to your readers.

    • Good morning Shellie, thank you so much for your kind words. I feel blessed as editor in chief to have such a wonderful group of writers that collaborate with our site, and also, readers like yourself who say such kind and Pleasant things about our site. As to my writing, I wish I had time to write like I used to, but I do enjoy editing. In fact, I’m a much better editor than I am A writer. Thank you for your comments.

      • I’m sure you feel, blessed. All of you work hard. I can respect your first love is editing. I enjoy reading your story on how far you’ve came in your career. I like hearing stories of where people have come from, and what has came out of there hard work!

  2. Interesting results: 1 – Writing Advice; 2 – Memoirs; 3 – “Grammar Shorts”.

    I’m certain you and Marilyn will harness the significance of the data established by the poll. Once again, your dedication and trust in the readers/contributors is displayed with the wise choice of soliciting their desires. It’s an honor and a priviledge for us that you and Marilyn are so considerate and respectful.

    Writing Advice – who, me? Memoirs – memory? Ha! Grammar Shorts – my grandma won’t go for this!

    Scott and Marilyn…the crowd at the Two Drops Inn will applaud and support your future efforts to fulfill their desires and help you attain your vision. And you obviously know how to accomplish that…it’s like “look at me now”!

    I’m certainly grateful for the assistance, encouragement, and consideration that you and others here have so courteously shared.

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