Successful Blogging: Hiring A Social Media Manager

If you just communicate, you can get by. But if you communicate skillfully, you can work miracles. – Jim Rohn

By Lydia Oyetunji


Do you have a growing interest in social media? Emailed newsletters and word of mouth are no longer a beneficial marketing strategy for your business? You have finally decided to move your marketing efforts into the twenty- first century. Hiring a social media manager is a step in the right direction. There are specific questions to ask and skill you should look for when conducting an interview.

The role of a social media manager

What is a social media manager? What do you do? Two of the questions I usually get when I tell someone I do social media management. Social media management is not about posting content or socializing on the internet all day. The position is much more in- depth than you think. He/ She will develop and apply a strategy to help your business grow.  Social media can affect even the smallest department of a business. This is why it is important to employ a knowledgeable and dedicated social media manager.

Know your destination

What are your goals? That is the first question I ask a potential client. Most business owners ask for a portfolio or something they can see. They may also ask me to tell them how I will market their business. The last question is beneficial if you have knowledge of marketing and social media management. The way you win and hire the best candidate is by knowing what you want to accomplish. Ask yourself questions like:

Do I want to build my brand?

Do I want to use social media to increase sales?

What social media sites do my customers use the most?

Will social media help build relationships with our target audience?

Questions like these will give you insight into your businesses current social presence. It’s important to know where you are in order to get to four final destinations.

Interviewing a prospective social media manager   

Due to the lack of knowledge, most business owners have about social media management, I usually interview them. When you are seeking to hire a social media manager there are specific questions you should ask. The following probing questions should be easily answered by an experienced social media manager.

What social media management/ measurement tools do you use?

Do you use a free or paid version of the social media tool?

What social media sites do you manage?

What key performance indicators do you study for each social media site?

What social sites do you recommend for my business?

Do you have a strategy?

How soon will it take me to see results?

Asking these basic questions will give you an idea about the experience level of the social media manager. An experienced social media manager will respond in a clear and concise way, educating you along the way. Take the time to weigh your options and ask other business owners for references. Utilizing the questions in this article will prove to be a helpful guide through the process. Hiring the right person for the job the first time will save you more time and money in the end.

Lydia Oyetunji: Social Media Coordinator









Lydia is a self- employed Virtual Assistant, who is passionate about Social Media Management and Writing.

Lydia has fifteen years of administrative experience and ten years of social media management, and a virtual assistant for five years.  Each of these areas of expertise provides her with avenues to fulfill her love of writing.

Her love of writing began with reading stories with her grandmother. In junior high, she discovered her ability to create stories, which entertained others.

She maintains this love of words with the administrative aspects of her career.  With business administration and management degrees, she uses words to assist her clients in the corporate world.

What sets her apart is her commitment to being of genuine service to her clients.

Contacting Lydia:

Website: Chronicles Virtual Assistant

Blog: Live, Love, Share


In Lydia’s free time, she’s relaxing at home with her husband, watching football (Go Patriots!!!), MMA, or college basketball. She’s also working on a fictional novel. Lydia and her husband are veterans who have traveled the world and still fulfill that love of adventure.

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  1. Hi Lydia, I feel the same as Jayne and Michelle. I see you in action all the time. I feel winded watching you. However, I do try emulate your greatness of slaying the social media internet wilderness in my own technical challenged way.

  2. I think a social media manager is such an important role in the current world. And I feel ill-equipped to even know what kinds of questions to ask…or if the answers make any sense. This is a great tutorial! Thanks.

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