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Sunday Spotlight: LadyCee

It’s Sunday and time for Sunday Spotlight. Each Sunday we will spotlight a published contributor from our list. The idea is to reintroduce these wonderful and talented writers/authors to our audience, especially new followers that may not have noticed their writings here on the site, and to give them a boost in exposure. 

Carol has been a wonderful, loyal supporter of our site as a reader and a contributor. Both of her publications were well recieved by our audience; however, her post, ‘Will the Real Writer Please Step Forward?,’ is a true gem. Check out her sites and links. You may become a fan of Carol – we are!

Carol Hind (Ladycee)



I’d describe myself as a God-seeker and recovering perfectionist. I’d also like to consider myself as a word-artist, although my husband often refers to me as a word-junkie! Now, as you’ve probably guessed, I love reading and I love words. I’m fascinated by and admire the way skilled writers use them and, I’ve long cherished a desire to join the ranks of prolific published writers, whose words are feted, followed and feasted upon by fans and word connoisseurs.

Prior to me becoming a blogger, I failed to apply myself to the joys of writing and publishing consistently, despite always declaring (to myself anyway) that writing is my passion!

Words are powerful! They have the potential to impart life or orchestrate death. And so my heart’s desire is for the ultimate creator and wordsmith to use my writing gift, infuse my words with his anointing, love, and power. I write to encourage and inspire both myself and others—to maximize our potential and live our best lives.





Published posts on Two Drops of Ink:

1) Poetry Break by Carol Hind (Ladycee)

2) Will the Real Writer Please Step Forward?

~To be featured on Sunday Spotlight, authors must have at least two published submissions to the site.~



Past Sunday Spotlight posts

At Two Drops of Ink, we proudly collaborate with other writers. Most bloggers work hard to brand themselves and push their own sites, and that’s fine; however, here at Two Drops of Ink, we have created a unique and powerful epicenter for collaborative writing. Along with our writing team and the blogs we post, we accept submissions of all genres (see our submissions guidelines). This is a huge win-win for our literary blog and for writers that are either well established and are looking to expand their audience, or relatively new writers looking for exposure. We dedicate this page to those writers, and their works, that were good enough to publish on our blog. Congrats to them. Please take a moment to scroll down through the list and enjoy and share their writing.

Scott Biddulph | Editor-in-Chief

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  1. Hello Scott, thank you for the wonderful intro – you should see the grin on my face and the smile in my heart. This discovery comes at a really good time and forms a silver lining at a cloudy stage of my life. Thank you so much! It means a lot to me.
    May “Two Drops” continue to go from strength to strength.

  2. Oh my goodness! I cannot believe I missed my own spotlight!
    I remember reading a post one lunchtime at work but not having time to leave a comment and because I couldn’t remember who wrote it, only that they were brilliant writing prompts, I decided to call up the site in my reader, to find the post.
    What a surprise!
    Thank you so much for showcasing me. Absolutely appreciated! 😃😊😁

    • Thank you so much. I’m glad you enjoyed re-reading my post. I do have a post or two earmarked for “Two Drops” and even had one tentatively lined up for Hump Day Humour but see this feature has now been dropped.
      Thank you for your encouragement.😃

    • Thank you so much Michelle for your kind words, which means a lot to me, as I love your writing style and have enjoyed those posts I’ve read. 😃

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