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Sunday Spotlight: A tribute to all of our talented ‘Published Contributors’

As you navigate through the rest of your life, be open to collaboration. Other people and other people’s ideas are often better than your own. Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life. ~Amy Poehler~

This Sunday I would like to change things up a bit and focus our Sunday Spotlight post on our Published Contributors page. These are some talented writers, bloggers, and authors. I encourage you to check them out.

Our Beginnings

Two Drops of Ink originally started as a personal blog of mine in 2011. I would post musings of all types, some bad poetry (laughing), and other prose of various types. I wasn’t a regular blogger; I was working hard on my degree, and the site didn’t have much of a following.


In the fall of 2012, my dear friend of some 15, Marilyn Davis, came to me and asked about writing on my blog. I don’t recall the exact prompt, but I think she had seen some of my occasional posts on Facebook from the blog, and she was thinking of doing some blogging but didn’t want to start her own blog at the time. I was happy to let her, and I gave her publishing access to the site (we were at Blogger back then). I think I said something along the lines of, “Why not, I don’t ever use it. Publish what you want.”

Marilyn was tenacious about wanting to start a writing career after closing her very successful women’s recovery house here in Gainesville, Ga. We started meeting once a week at the local coffee shop and collaborating. I would share with her all the new knowledge I learned about the publishing industry in class and in real life situations as I began to accumulate publications. She learned a lot about the internet, social media, publishing, etc., from our meetings together at the Inman Perk.


Marilyn’s writing was always good, but she reminded me of my days teaching Karate—she soon surpassed me in her knowledge of social media and blogging. When I taught Karate, I held a few trophies, but I had many students go on to become very talented and successful black belts. One became a champion with swords. That was Marilyn, her hard work, teachable attitude, and research made her a quick study of the trade. I tell this story because, without the prompting of Marilyn to write on the site, which caused me to pay more attention and write, there would be no Two Drops of Ink as we know it today. I thank my dear friend, and assistant editor, for her tireless efforts, and I give her credit where credit is due—she is the reason Two Drops of Ink moved from a personal, nothing blog to the successful literary blog it is today. Thank you, dear 😊

Our Contributors

As we met each week we began to develop ideas about how to grow the site, gain exposure, and attract other writers to submit and collaborate with the site. Soon, we had a team of writers, we moved to WordPress, and we were getting thousands of hits per month. We started winning awards in 2016, and we are now a site that works hand-in-hand with seasoned and widely published writers and authors. We also work with other sites (with whom we have done some cross promotional posts) and new writers who have come to our site for publication and exposure.

The whole idea—the mission statement of this site—is to create a place for writers to learn, conjoin audiences with one another, to meet, read, and follow new bloggers and sites, and to give seasoned and new writers as much exposure as possible. We want our contributors to come here and write so that their own blogs, book links, and sites will gain exposure from a broader conjoined audience. This idea has worked very well. I wish I could share some of the emails I’ve received from authors, writers, and readers that say such kind things about the site, our team, and the general feel of the site. It has often made me tear up a bit. I’m very thankful to you, our readers and followers, for your hand in helping this site and its writers succeed.

I want to turn your attention to our Published Contributors page. The page consists of a long list of writers and authors who have submitted work to this site for publication. Some of these contributors hold Ph.D.’s. Some of them are prolific, widely published authors and writers, and some of them are new writers who have only been published here, or in a few other blogs and online magazines. The contributor’s page gets its fair share of views, but I want to bring it back to the forefront today because we have a constant stream of new readers and followers. I want to make sure they know what this page is and who these people are. I hope you’ll take a moment to scroll all the way down the page and see if there are writers whose works you’ve never seen or read. I hope you become fans of these writers. That is the win-win of collaborative blogging.

Thank you for your readership and following.

Scott Bidduph | Editor-in-Chief

~To be featured on Sunday Spotlight, authors must have at least two published submissions to the site.~



Past Sunday Spotlight posts

At Two Drops of Ink, we proudly collaborate with other writers. Most bloggers work hard to brand themselves and push their own sites, and that’s fine; however, here at Two Drops of Ink, we have created a unique and powerful epicenter for collaborative writing. Along with our writing team and the blogs we post, we accept submissions of all genres (see our submissions guidelines). This is a huge win-win for our literary blog and for writers that are either well established and are looking to expand their audience, or relatively new writers looking for exposure. We dedicate this page to those writers, and their works, that were good enough to publish on our blog. Congrats to them. Please take a moment to scroll down through the list and enjoy and share their writing.

Scott Biddulph | Editor-in-Chief

Submit your work for publication here: Submissions 


  1. I missed this, Scott. Oh, the days at the Perk. Sharing a laptop and wondering if we were on the right track. Today, we don’t have to share the laptop, but our commitment to finding, sharing, and promoting other writers hasn’t changed.

    I’m excited about the move, and can’t wait to launch.

  2. Thank you Scott, Marilyn and all your team workers who make “Two Drops” the amazing site it is with the wonderful feel of a supportive community. Great to learn the history and thank you for your generosity of heart in making this platform available to such as myself.
    And I can’t believe you wrote bad poems! 😃

  3. I enjoyed reading the history of Two Drops, Scott. I am inspired by the wealth of talent you and Marilyn have assembled here, as well as the welcoming community of writers one finds here. Thank you Scott and Marilyn for the ongoing effort you both put into not only growing the site, but showcasing seasoned writers, and helping new writers grow, all while serving your readers well!

  4. A big shout out to all who participate at Two Drops of ink! All of you inspire me to keep moving forward. Marilyn, Scott, thank you for keeping the site alive and for being so gracious in asking all of us to be a part of this community!

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