Authors: Book Promote Like A Pro!

“Promoting a new book can feel like being a fern at the bottom of the Redwood Forest.”

~Scott Biddulph~

By Catherine Townsend-Lyon


Book Promoting: Everything Under the Sun, But…..

Are you a new author and have just released a new book and thinking, now what? Sadly, many publishers leave the author to fend for themselves when it comes to promoting and marketing their books!

Many new writers seem to be promised the world on a silver platter when a publisher is courting them to publish their books with them; and, as a new author, you are so excited about your book being out in the world, so you don’t remember half of what the publisher has offered you. Some don’t even read through their contracts. And I hear all the time from my book promoting clients how they were verbally promised everything under the sun, including promoting their book. Sadly, if you don’t get it in writing in your publishing contract agreement, then authors are holding the bag of promoting their books and at their expense! Moreover, you just broke the bank already with all your publishing costs.

Now that you have spent most of your budget on publishing costs, you also have no idea how or where to promote your books. Well, I am here to help you do that, and more. I am Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon, owner of Cat Lyon’s Reading & Writing Den. It is why I started my online book promotion business. I wanted to help new and seasoned authors learn how and where to promote their books at low cost, or free!

But first, we need to know a little about the differences between, say, a Literary agent, Literary publicist, and Book promoter.

So, Who Does What?!

two drops of ink catherine townsend-lyon

Literary Publicist

Literary Publicist: Is a person who publicizes, especially a press agent or public-relations consultant. They are an expert in current or public affairs, and an expert on federal or international law.

Literary Agent

Literary Agent: Is a person who represents writers and their written works to publishers, theatrical producers, film producers and film studios, and assists in the sale and deal negotiations of the same.

Literary Book Promoter or Marketer

Literary Book Promoter or marketer: Is a person who promotes, especially as an active supporter, advocate, or paid publicity organizer to promote one’s work through various forms like press releases, through social media, and more. That is what I do!

Now that we know the differences, I develop a marketing plan for clients’ books and set up their social media sites so readers cannot only read their books but also interact and engage with the readers to build a following – which is important for an author, too. That helps current and future book sales and gains book reviews. So here are a few of my “go to book promo sites” that every author needs to know. Again, many book promotion listing sites will let you list your books for free, and submit free Author Interviews. They will also share many other book sites with authors on their sites, most likely under Promotional Advertising. Many will also offer low-cost advertising options for your books so you can build your readership. Here we go!

Social Media for the Author and Readers

author reader word cloud

Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Goodreads – they offer a Free Author Program and make your Author Page on Amazon to go with all your books. Do this through Amazon Author Central. These are the social media places I set up for all my clients so they can engage and interact with new readers and promote your books!

Now book promo sites, my #1 choice right now is the fine folks at Awesome Gang. You can list your books and submit an author interview for free. They offer you a guarantee listing for a charge. But all my clients’ books were accepted under the free option. It just may take them a few days until your listing is up on the site. They also have a fantastic Facebook Readers Club you can join; then you will see your book promo displayed. When you are finished listing your books free, go to this free book promotions link titled: “Other Free Book Promotions and Sites.” They share a comprehensive list of other book promo sites to list your books for free. That is why I use them and refer many clients to them as well.

My next “go to” book promo listing site has a unique reader base as Gary offers more than just good books and excellent authors at Readers Gazette – Authors. They have a lot more for the whole family. That is why their readership reach is far and wide. They have games, puzzles, quiz’s, and of course, many excellent new books to read! But for the author? They offer many low-cost and free options to advertise your books.  Gary has made the process of listing your books for free a simple, one step process when you visit his web site. You use your Facebook page login, and it does the set up for authors here: Author Free Membership.

Another “go to” book promo website is Book Goodies. They are also free to submit your books, and they have a free self-serve ‘Author Interview’ option. The offer many different low-cost book ads to advertise your books to their large readership, subscribers, and to share throughout all their many social media sites. Deborah does a great job to help new and seasoned authors get the best exposure for readers to know your books are released. When visiting always start at “Authors Start Here” and follow the instructions to get the most help from their book listing site. One thing I like about Book Goodies is that they offer podcasts too: Book Goodies Author Podcasts. They too are generous as they have many book promo sites they run for different genres and share a fantastic list of other free and low-cost book sites for authors to visit and list all their books on Book Goodies Network.

And lastly, another favorite that will blast all your books throughout social media is the team at Author Shout. They offer several book promo options that include a poster teaser of your book, short book video trailer, member specials, and they shout your book throughout many forms of social media including Instagram and a newsletter to their thousands of readers with options as low as $10!

So, authors, please visit all these helpful promoting websites and list your books so readers can find them, and enjoy the hard work you put into your craft as a writer. Readers, visit and find fabulous reads and book bargains too.

Author’s Bio:

Catherine Townsend-Lyon: Authors - Book Promote Like A Pro

Catherine Townsend-Lyon

Catherine Townsend-Lyon is the best-selling Kodel Empire Publishing Group’s author of her shocking memoir, “Addicted to Dimes,” available on Amazon. A former columnist for In Recovery Magazine she is passionate about advocating recovery from gambling addiction and helping authors promote their books. Currently co-writing with a former NFL pro of his life in a memoir, Catherine resides in Arizona, and Southern Oregon. She has a large following on social media and shares her secrets to book marketing at “Cat Lyon’s Reading Den”.  You can connect with Catherine on TwitterGoogle Plus  Facebook and GoodReads.

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  1. Cat,
    I agreed with all the above comments. This information is valuable and informative for those of us who find ourselves in the unfamiliar world of publishing. I will put this one on my list to come back to…and your name and number as well. 😉

  2. Hi, Catherine. This, as John says has nuggets galore! I can’t imagine any author that couldn’t find valuable resources in it.

    Thanks so much for this contribution to the knowledge base at Two Drops of Ink.

    • I appreciate the platform and opportunity, Marilyn, to come share with all the writer and authors who come visit a wee little about what I do! I enjoy meeting new authors and love sharing ideas and networking with others.

      As an author and writer, I went through having to learn how and where to promote my own books when left holding the “marketing bag” of having to do it on my own. So I am happy to help and thank you for inviting me to share! XO


  3. Thanks for all of the valuable information, Cat! I am not quite there yet, but I’ll remember this when I am. Just when you think you might have the writing thing down (sort of), you then find yourself having to learn about an entire industry. Your post helps tremendously in this area.

    • Mary, I appreciate the kind words. I do hope you visit my Tips and Advice page on my blog. There are many more places listed to promote your book at low-cost or even free. OR? If you need help?

      You can Hire Me too! Lol. Many of my clients do this as they are on contract to write and on deadlines, so they don’t have the time to promote. I am happy to answer any questions if you need help. So Email me anytime! 🙂

      Author, Catherine Lyon

  4. Absolutely chalked full of golden nuggets! Thank you Catherine for your insight and sharing. A lot of this is new to me. I depend on this site to keep me informed about the publishing industry. You have added more value to the Two Drops of Ink library. Appreciate this post. John.

    • You are very welcome John and happy some of what I shared can help you with your promoting efforts. Many of us are not computer savvy either, so knowing where to be on Social Media I think is helpful. I feel most of our readership IS throughout social media and Press Releases are helpful too for some mainstream exposure.

      I’m here if you need assistance or have questions! 🙂

      Author, Cat Lyon 🙂

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