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‘The Book Store’ Shout Out

The Book Store Shout Out is a feature on the site with which we hope to introduce our readers to some new and interesting books, and, in our collaborative spirit, help authors gain exposure for their books. Is your book listed in The Book Store?

All My Jobs: How to Survive at Survival Jobs by JoAnn Williams 


I made a career out of survival jobs. Over the course of my adult working life, I’ve had an eclectic melange of a career. I’ve had more bad jobs than a hooker. I’ve met more weird people in the workplace than a hooker.


My career began in the sixties with the taint of divorce and two small children to support. Following my passion was not an option. Besides, passion was the cause of my predicament. Nothing in my life experience prepared me for the workplace. Armed with my high school typing course and the additional burden of no current work experience my career in survival jobs began.

Over the course of my career, I had forty-two jobs. I’ve worked for druggies, crooked lawyers, and lecherous bankers. My career took an upwardly mobile turn in an upscale retail setting, but only in the sense that I attracted a better quality of lunatics. My capacity to attract obsessive compulsives was boundless. With every career move, I ended up working for a different category of nut.

My checkered employment history provided the equivalent of a degree in sociology


Authors: Book Promote Like A Pro!

“Promoting a new book can feel like being a fern at the bottom of the Redwood Forest.”

~Scott Biddulph~

By Catherine Townsend-Lyon


Book Promoting: Everything Under the Sun, But…..

Are you a new author and have just released a new book and thinking, now what? Sadly, many publishers leave the author to fend for themselves when it comes to promoting and marketing their books!

Continue reading…

Two Drops of Ink: The Literary Home for Collaborative Writing


In the spirit of collaboration – teamwork between fellow writers looking to reach a bigger more diverse audience – we have decided to expand our site’s mission and promote books by both traditionally published and indie authors.

Here at Two Drops of Ink, we have blazed a trail in the blogosphere regarding collaboration between writers, bloggers, and audiences. We’ve found that creating a place for a cyber, social gathering is beneficial to everyone involved.

Our published contributors enjoy becoming a part of an established, award-winning blog. They gain exposure from our ever growing audience. In turn, we gain the audience that they bring with their writing. Join the Two Drops of Ink family. Read our submission guidelines and send us your submission.

We have more than 20 wonderful contributing authors who have been published on this site. Check out their bios. Read their work. Visit their sites. Check out our list of ‘Published Contributors.’

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  1. Sounds like quite a sociology degree! This book sounds like a real hoot – I always love reading about “different categories of nuts” – but I grew up in New Orleans and there are quite a few “nuts” there – present company excluded!
    Best wishes on your book, JoAnn!

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