poetry by Wayne Russell

‘Poetry Break’ by Wayne Russell

“Poets have been mysteriously silent on the subject of cheese.”
― G.K. ChestertonAlarms and Discursions


Castles forged in snow white sands,
battle weary soldiers in simple form,
scuttle along, encased in drab armor.

Damsels trapped, captive within the
clouds of snowy rapture, weeping;
while an unfathomable liquid beauty
storms what was once some calm
walled existence.


the voices whispered at blood
lotus dawn,

this dream has now ended.

This Cold Realm

Into the awaiting foaming jaws of death,
we dwell tonight, misfits of something
gone before, bodies perished incinerated,
and scattered out at dawn.

Come with me,

she said~

Nothing is worth your while here
in this cold realm of the damned

they will caress your ravens’ wings and
alabaster halo, alas vengeful resting crowns
embedded with dire sapphires and mystic
ocean chanties.

When at midnight you choose to cross that
jagged, Milken, bone bridge.

A gateway opens into the new born labyrinth,
greet the maker and the creator of mild heavens
and earth. a blood rooster crowing, shall lead
the way.

Falling out of Love


Early this morning at the front door,

before she left for work, she didn’t kiss

me like she did before, years ago; when

our love was exciting and new.


Was it the week of facial hair growth, that

turned her off? Was it my morning breath,

of teeth yet to be brushed?


We used to look past those things, but now;

we never gaze into each other’s eyes, nor do

we touch, or kiss with any intensity.


We sleep in separate beds and grow older,

wiser, more cynical.


We grow more out of love, as the world slowly

spins on its axis like a ball of yarn on fire.


Everyone goes insane, even the children have

lost their marbles.


In the news tonight there will be bloodshed,

yet no love shared, like the love we used to share

between each other.

Author’s Bio:

poetry by Wayne Russell

Wayne Russell is a creative writer that was born and raised in Florida, he has traveled the world and has resided in Dunoon, Scotland and Wellington, New Zealand, currently resides in Columbus, Ohio.

As of March 2016, Wayne leads an all-star cast at Degenerate Literature you can find them at the following link.


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