two drops of ink fiction writing challenge

Update: The Two Drops of Ink ‘Fiction Writing Challenge’

The Two Drops of Ink ‘Fiction Writing Challenge’

Hello, Two Drops family,

A quick check-in and update:

The fiction challenge is heating up, and we are receiving lots of submissions as the contest entry period ends. I’ve had several requests to extend the deadline for the contest, and I’ve decided to do so…what the heck…this isn’t a content mill with some corporate monkey screaming at you to fulfill a deadline for some crappy ad copy for an LP gas tank, this is creative work here, and artists need time. But I digress.

I actually did write a crappy ad for an LP gas company once (sigh). The things we do for love.

two drops of ink Fiction writing challenge

The New Deadline

So, the new deadline will be Sunday, October 22nd. Once we publish all the posts, we will post a final call (with a list of the published entries) for fans to vote for their favorite post. “The post with the most” likes will win the grand prize.

Here is a link to the original post for those of you that are introverts—don’t worry about what people think…have some fun and submit!

Two drops of ink fiction writing challenge writers block

Contest “kick-off” post: The Two Drops of Ink ‘Fiction Writing Challenge’ kick-off

I want to say that we’ve had a great time with this so far. I look forward to reading all of your submissions. For all the chickens out there, the ones who’ve never written fiction—hey, I plan to submit too, and I suck at fiction. Yes, I will be the proverbial General Custer and lead the charge into the slaughter. If I can do it, what’s your excuse?

Have fun!

Once again, in all seriousness, we want to thank all our readers, writers, and fans for their loyalty and readership. We love each of you!

Scott Biddulph |Editor-in-Chief

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  1. Woot! Glad I checked the blog today. I’ve been jamming to get my story done by midnight tonight, but the extra three days will let me refine it a little bit more. By the way, what time zone is the midnight deadline in? Not that I’m planning to push it right up to the last minute, of course! No . . . that doesn’t sound like me at all . . .

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