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The Fiction Challenge: ‘My Inspiration’ by Barbara Sinor

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two drops of ink fiction writing challenge image 4

My Inspiration

“I am right here!” an audible voice shouted with a silent breath.

            I turned around to view who had whispered across the deck only to see the familiar rocker, now empty, slowly move rhythmically. Stunned, but not afraid, I stepped closer not wanting to disturb the old chair that looked so alone.

“Good to be with you again,” the voice continued. “It’s been awhile since our last meeting. What have you been doing with your life?”

Recognizing the familiar voice, I replied, “Not much lately. I have been so lonely since you left…I can’t seem to get motivated to do anything productive.”

“Well, that’s not good…it’s time to get busy writing again! You have so much more to share with the world. What seems to be holding you back?”

“I don’t know…it’s like my mind just can’t go forward anymore. It seems all I do is sit and watch television and read People magazines! I need a good jump-start!” I replied to the barren old rocker.

It had been several years since my life partner transitioned to the other side. I had been communicating with him whenever he appeared in his favorite chair overlooking our property. At first, I dismissed his visits as grief–visions made-up from emotional pain–and laughed at my mind’s trickster. But then, he would not allow me to ignore his attempts to connect with me. I remember the first time he approached me invisibly from his rocker, it was in the dead of winter. The snow had fallen continually through the night and I was staring out the front window early that morning. Our yard was covered in a blanket of white and the pine trees were laden as they leaned toward the ground. Snow piled the porch railings and the bare rocker sat proudly, almost beaming, as it began to move back-n-forth to an unheard beat. I jumped backward knocking over a favorite antique lamp off an end table. I was so confused, I literally began to cry and laugh at the same time! My face must have turned as white as the snow as I moved toward the window closer to the naked rocker.

I’ve always been a metaphysical-minded spirit and believe there is room for us to include the possibility of communication with those who have passed to the other side of our reality. Many times, I have listened to clairvoyants and channels tell of the secrets beyond our knowing. Once, I even persuaded my husband to go with me to a gathering to partake of the extraordinary spiritual capabilities of James Van Praagh. He was skeptical but listened attentively to the master channel as he spoke to spirits anxiously waiting to address their relatives. It wasn’t difficult for me to relate that perhaps I had become a channel for my husband’s spirit; but now so many months later, why had he come to visit me again?

I took a moment to think about my current life, since living alone. The years seemed to run together without many extraordinary events. In fact, it seemed very dull! Being an author, at first I focused on my writing projects but my heart wasn’t in it. Why had I let the one thing I loved reach the bottom of my To Do List each day? The unfinished articles, Blog entries, and two manuscript ideas lay in a heap on each corner of my desk like sentinels silently watching as I play computer games and chat with friends online. There was a tangible disconnect to my life’s passion–writing. Was my husband’s spirit really here to inspire me to begin writing again?

The cool Fall air picked up unsettled leaves and threw them onto the porch and landing on the rocker’s lap. The devoted chair was still swaying back-n-forth so I grabbed a sweater and opened the front door to have a heart-to-heart with its spirit guide.

“So, can you give me some inspiration to push me along with my writing?”

“Think about what’s holding you back… You know yourself, look deep for your answers.”

“Well, I do have some doubt that I have anything more to offer with my writing. Can that be why I have no motivation?”

“Keep thinking,” the voice whispered.

I allowed myself to stand still as I closed my eyes trying hard to grasp any enlightening information that may enter my thoughts. Nothing…I was a blank screen.

As the rocker kept its rhythmic pattern, I told my guest I was going back into the house to sit by the inviting fire to dig deeper into my subconscious mind for answers and direction. Sitting in my over-stuffed turquoise chair, I grabbed a throw and wrapped it around my legs. I stared into the golden flames while internally asking my Higher Self to be present, and I began to roam my mind’s eye. First came a vision of me as a younger woman in her twenties. Such a free spirit I was, as I easily chose where to live, who I wanted to date, and what type of career to pursue. The images quickly changed to my marriage, and I viewed love, children, and the awakening of the author I would become. My life was full, and my dreams were wide and majestic. In those years, I drew to my life those people and experiences which I desired. During these years, I truly used my manifestation abilities to capture all the events and accomplishments I wished to create in my life.

Soon my meditation unveiled my later years and the death of my husband. I reviewed my days and months of being lonely and filled with grief. I viewed myself becoming less productive, less active, and less my true-self. Suddenly, my eyes involuntarily opened as I heard a thump on the porch. I jumped up and ran to the window to see the rocker had been knocked over by the wind and was lying on its side. Immediately, I went outside to return the chair to its upright position.

“Do you understand now, my dear?” the voice from the rocker spoke.

“Ummm, yes. I have allowed myself to drift into a place of darkness, a place where my writing muse and guides cannot even begin to reach me. I believe I didn’t want to appear to others that I was “happy” without you… Yes! I have been trying to stay in grief for others when actually, I know it is time for me to move forward. Oh, thank you dear soul mate, you have awakened my spirit once again.”

As I passed the rocker, it stopped rocking, and I knew I had received the message I was supposed to hear. Once inside, I sat back in my chair to study the fire and closed my eyes knowing I needed to also thank my Higher Self for its guidance. My gratitude raced to each guide, spirit, and unseen master that I knew had gently helped me along my life’s journey. I ended my meditation with a chant I learned in graduate school. As I opened my eyes, they automatically went directly to the corners of my computer desk. I was drawn to investigate the lost ideas I had stacked randomly one upon the other for the past several months. My heart beat at a quickness that I hadn’t felt in years as I walked over to peruse the towers of files now crying out for recognition. I thumbed through the stack beckoning me on the right corner and my fingers randomly stopped at one file that begged my attention. The label read: Write Article for Two Drops of Ink.

Barbara Sinor, Ph.D



Barbara Sinor, Ph.D. is a retired psychotherapist living in northern California. Finding Destiny is Sinor’s long-awaited first fiction novel, release date September 1, 2016. Her other six books are highly endorsed in the non-fiction genres of addiction recovery, childhood abuse/incest, adult children of alcoholics, and other self-help and inspirational topics. Dr. Sinor encourages your comments and can be contacted through her website: Sinor’s other writing appears in the quarterly Recovering the Self: A Journal of Hope and Healing, as well as other magazines, newsletters, and Blogs. She currently facilitates women’s groups, designs and makes jewelry, and is working on the sequel to Finding Destiny.

Amazon list of my books: Barbara’s Books on Amazon

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  1. Great story Barbara! It is amazing how we can draw inspiration from profound loss just by something triggering a memory. It carries us back to recover bits and pieces of our joy we had lost. Thanks, John

  2. What an interesting story! I I think we can all relate to the kind of grief you describe here…whether it be a spouse or a close friend, loss is difficult and the breakthrough to go forward again comes in many forms. This story uses that shared experience in an unusual way. Good job.

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