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The Fiction Challenge final vote

two drops of ink scott biddulph marilyn l davisTo the writers who participated:

Hello to all of our dear friends, followers, and fans. Today is the big day, the day you get to make the final push to win the fiction challenge.

As per the rules, we are posting a link to all of the stories that were published for the contest. For the writers, this is your final chance to promote your stories and gather more votes from readers that may not have read your story yet, or, to share your particular post out to your social networks and push for the coveted “post with the most” likes.

The challenge has been an overwhelming success. We have seen writers who have never written a fiction piece push themselves to do so. We’ve seen new followers, fans, and readers come to the site to comment and vote, and we have had both novice and seasoned writers participate.

Also, as a special announcement, we attracted the attention of Penguin Random House publishing, and we will be announcing a collaborative event with them in the very near future. This is exciting. This could lead to a new or seasoned writer/author getting noticed by one of the four big publishing houses! Again, keep an eye out for this post.

I have to say that as editors, Marilyn and I were busting at the seams, stapling our lips shut, wanting to comment and participate in the discussions about some of these stories. A couple of these stories, in my opinion, had the plot and character depth to create a novel-length story. But, as staff who were editing and making decisions about publishing each story, we could not comment.

That said, man, some of you did some wonderful, talented, creative writing. Good job!

Finally, each of the published writers will be added to our Published Contributors page to further expose your writing, links, blogs, websites, books, and social media. Please make sure we have all of the links in your bios that you wish to be listed. This is how we “collaborate” with other writers., authors, and bloggers.

To the readers:

Once again, we have to thank you for your loyal following and readership. Thanks for participating in the poll that led to this challenge. Finally, it is you that make our blog the success that it is. Cheers!

Also, we have a backlog of great submissions in several genres for your reading pleasure as we move forward from the fiction contest. Stay tuned.


The Stories: Time to vote!

As of now, “Charlie’s Shoes” by Laurie Oien is in the lead. There are several ties at between 8-10 votes. Now is the time to push for first place. Hit those social media buttons and push for the victory!

I look forward to seeing the champion emerge.

Scott Biddulph|Editor-in-Chief

The Fiction Writing Challenge kick-off Post

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  1. Thank you Scott and Marilyn for the opportunity to challenge my fiction writing. This experience has been quite encouraging for future writing projects. I loved reading the other submitted stories. It was great learning from other writers and their clever writing styles.

  2. I appreciated this contest. I enjoyed challenging myself. I noticed some of the comments from other writers say, once they started writing the story it was hard to turn it off. I could have went on myself. I really had fun. Thank you Scott and Marilyn for hosting the event.

    One thing I would like to comment about are the great stories from the other writers. I truly enjoyed the different story lines from the same images. All ideas and images were wonderfully crafted into great stories.

    Good luck my friends, I wish all of you the best. Its been a privilege sharing the platform with all of you! John.

  3. This was a great idea, Scott and Marilyn! It was great fun both trying my hand at writing fiction and reading the awesome stories that were published here!
    May the best man (or woman) win!
    And can’t wait to hear more about the exciting collaboration in the works!

  4. Thank you for hosting this competition, it was great fun. I agree, most of these stories were quite awesome! But in future contests, I think I need to get more FB friends so they can vote for me.

    I don’t think these writers are just good writers, they are good people as well.

    Good luck everyone!!!

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