Charlie’s Shoes By Laurie Oien two drops of ink fiction writing challenge

The Fiction Challenge: The Winner Is…

“Life is always going to be stranger than fiction, because fiction has to be convincing, and life doesn’t.”

~Neil Gaiman~

The Fiction Challenge

The fiction challenge has been one of the best writing challenges we’ve had so far at Two Drops of Ink. The part I hated, as editor, was trying to keep my mouth shut during the challenge. I thought so many of these stories were so well written and interesting. I’m not even a Sci-fi fan, but I absolutely loved some of the stories that came from the futuristic woman’s photo. Marilyn and I were dying to comment, but, we had to shut it.

We were also pleased to meet so many new writers. Within a few days, all of your bios will be added to the Published Contributors page. Please let us know if you have more links you’d like to add to your bios. Having your bios up on our blog will drive traffic to your links, books, and social media sites, and it will serve to conjoin your audiences with ours.

The winner is…

The Fiction Challenge: ‘Charlie’s Shoes’ by Laurie Oien two drops of ink


As per the rules, the post with the most was “Charlie’s Shoes by Laurie Oien with 20 votes. Second place went to “Thawed Out” by Mary-Lou Rosengren with 12 votes.

I gotta tell you, it was hard to choose between some of these stories. There were several of them that were page turners, and, I believe, a couple of these could be the beginnings of a novel; they had the character depth and plot to be a full-length novel.

I want to thank the Monthly Contributors that participated in this challenge. Some of them had never written a fiction story before. Congrats on pushing yourselves. I think everyone had a blast – the emails, comments, new followers, and “likes” to the Facebook page were amazing.

Once again, we humbly thank all the writers for participating in the contest, and we also thank the readers and followers that make all of our writing worthwhile. Without you, we have no reason to write.

As the holidays approach, we wish each of you a happy holiday season with your family and friends.

Warmest regards,

Scott Biddulph|Editor-in-Chief

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  1. I honestly thought I had posted my congratulations on here! My sincere apologies. I love your story and hope you do submit more of what you have to this website.

    Congratulations on the win!!!

    • Thank you Marsha! The upcoming holidays have interfered a bit with writing, but I hope to get something submitted in the near future.

  2. From the depths of my writing hand I thank you! Is that too cheesy? But truly, I am very grateful for the support I’ve received and it’s only encouraged me to keep writing. Proud to be among you all.

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