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Why We Write

“I hate writing, I love having written.”
~Dorothy Parker~

By Gayle R. Lee


We write to express ourselves. But there’s more to it than the desire to communicate our thoughts and ideas to others. We write because it clears out the clutter inside us. It heals, transforms, and settles us. We don’t write so we can say, “Look at what I’ve done. Admire my work and make me feel great.” We write to share parts of us that make us feel vulnerable. This connects us to our audience in a personal way.

Writing lifts the burdens we carry within. It enables cleansing. Day after day, we accumulate stress and add to our baggage. The events of the day can make us feel tired and heavy. Getting our thoughts out on paper releases this stress. It strengthens us in a calm and balanced way.

When we write, it helps us become whole, unencumbered by our multi-faceted lives. Busyness is a way of life for most people. We’re stretched in many different directions in a single day. Writing requires us to focus on a single idea at a time. It brings us into the present moment, even if we are reliving the past or imagining the future.

The desire to assist, amuse or enlighten others is a primary drive for a writer. The ability to touch the heart of the reader is a gift, a gift that we need to share. So many people are searching. Some people are searching for direction, peace, or fulfillment. Others don’t even know what they’re searching for. They only know they haven’t found it yet.

We trust our words will be received. They will find their way into the heart of those who need them the most. This is their purpose. They will ease, comfort, or entertain someone, perhaps many. Writing is like throwing a stone that travels out of sight. We never know how far it will go or what effect it will have on others.

We must continue writing. We may pause for a short time, but we must never stop. If our words are not expressed we experience sleepless nights and anxious days. Our words build up until they burst from inside us. If our words are flowing, we feel continuity in our writing. If we allow them to build up, sometimes we cannot keep up with all the ideas that explode from inside us.

When our words pour out onto the page, they are like babies, they need a little work. They need to be developed into something others can relate to and understand, not just us. We edit and edit until we have a piece of writing we feel is complete. We know when it’s done. We feel it.

With care and direction, our words can flow like a purposeful stream. They run over rocks and under fallen trees. There’s no stopping them. Our words are alive. They serve their purpose. Our words delight and bring a feeling of well-being to others. Our words inform, strengthen, and unite their audience.

Therefore, we must never give up. We must keep writing because our readers are waiting. Our words could be just what someone has been searching for all along.

Author’s Bio:

Why We Write two drops of ink

Gayle R. Lee

Gayle received her Bachelor of Arts degree in 2013 from Siena Heights University in Michigan. She enjoys swimming, movies, nature walks, spiritual drumming, and watching Detroit Tiger baseball. She currently lives in her home state of Michigan where she works as a Home Manager in a private residence for three boys.

Gayle is also the author of Fortitude: A Quest Through Fear and Doubt (2017) and Dancing with Life: Healing After the Death of a Child (2012). In February of 2017, she started a blog titled Grief with a Twist. The focus is on grief, the afterlife, healing and spiritual growth. Her website is https://GayleRLee.com.

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  1. Gayle, I’m not sure my readers are waiting for my words 🙂 but I can relate to the writing and how it clears the clutter. Writing makes me feel so organized. Thanks for the post.

    • Jayne, You never know what power your words have on others. I guess it does matter what you’re writing about. Thank you for reading my post and for your comment. ~ Gayle

  2. What a wonderful description of how writing is healing for both the writer and the reader. I started off writing just for myself, because I needed to get feelings out of me and onto the paper where I could study them and understand. It never occurred to me anyone else would like anything I wrote. When I had to do a monthly writing for a job, I was stunned to find out other people got something from my writing. I think this piece beautifully explains why. Thank you for sharing!

  3. From my point of view:
    “Getting our thoughts out on paper releases this stress. It strengthens us in a calm and balanced way.”
    I have not written anything online since last 10 odd days and can sometimes feel an uneasiness which I can hardly explain.
    A great post!

  4. Gayle, I think you hit on every point about why we write. I value your thoughts because I share the same as you. Opening yourself up to share your words with the world is both frightening and exhilarating at the same time. The goal, stir the hearts of others in order to stir up your own.
    Very beautiful written. Thank you, John
    Go BLUE!

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