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Meet Our Contributing Writers

By Scott Biddulph|Editor-in-Chief

In this post, we want to spotlight our Contributing Writers page. One attribute of our blog that has ushered in the success we have achieved is that we truly care about the writer. We are not unlike others, we want to brand ourselves, grow our audience, and see active, vibrant discussions and comments on our threads. The difference for us is that we believe in bringing you with us.

Collaborative Blogging

We are determined to create a buzz-word in the blogosphere: Collaborative Blogging. We didn’t coin this phrase; it can be found with a simple Google search and will be described in a variety of ways; however, we see it as a powerful way for writers and authors to maximize their exposure. It’s not just about guest blogs; it’s about maximizing exposure by helping to share a contributing writer’s bios, blogs, books, and social media links, etc. This is how you conjoin audiences and make it a win-win for everyone.

Growing a Blog

Growing a blog is hard work. I used to describe myself, before we gained a following, as a fern at the bottom of the Redwood Forest seeking the light of the sun – ever reaching, struggling to get a small piece of the light.

Most of us know that you have to write regularly, and you have to have good content. I mean, we all write a horrible post or two no matter who we are. All writers have typos, grammar glitches, and poor syntax at times – it’s the nature of our trade. We have to produce to succeed, and the pressure only gets more intense as you gain a following.

This is, again, a segway to the glory of Collaborative Blogging: Collaborative Blogging helps you gain exposure to a new audience that you weren’t reaching before you submitted to this site. In turn, as the title of this post eludes to, you have your links, books, and social media listed on our Contributing Writers page which will serve to drive traffic from our site to yours.

Our ‘Contributing Writers‘ Page

If you scroll down our Contributing Writers page, you’ll find that we have about 68 published bios of authors, freelance writers, poets, and academics that we have published. In all, they have contributed some 240 posts to this blog. Many of these writers are prolific, widely published writers and authors. Some are newbies. Others are seasoned professionals.

Many of these writers have emailed us and expressed the benefits of their collaboration with Two Drops of Ink. They have spoken of books sales from their bios or The Book Store page, gaining more followers on their personal blogs and social media sites, and the all-around feeling of support they get from readers and fans of this site.

These emails fill my hear with joy. I always wanted to be a writer; however, I have found my first love to be editing. I know, it’s weird, I can’t explain it, but I love tackling typos,  grappling with grammar, saving syntax, restructuring clunky sentences, and helping to make writers shine.

I hope you'll take the time to scroll through the contributors' bios and check out all of the various genres: poetry, memoirs, fiction, writing advice, and academic essays - among other topics. Click To Tweet

Our hope is that you will find another blog you love and want to follow, a book you’d like to read, or a new Facebook page to like.

The 2017 Ultimate Writing Guide: Signature and Penguin Random House

Monday’s post was about our recent collaboration with one of Penguin Random House’s eZines called Signature. The 2017 Ultimate Writing Guide is an eBook they produced filled with essays about the various aspects of the writing process. These essays were written by some of Penguin’s best selling authors – it’s a book filled with gold nuggets, and it’s free!

The New ‘Two Drops of Ink’


We’ve been talking about our migration to a new site. It’s an arduous process when you have an older blog with over 650 archived posts, hundreds of photos, and thousands of categories and tags. However, we hope to be moved by March of 2018, at the latest.

That said, the new site will have a different feel, look, and organization.

More Reading – Less Scrolling

two drops of ink scott biddulph marilyn l davis

Look, we all know how readers hate to scroll. I hate to scroll! Most of us will take a pass on an article the second we see a typo or clunky sentence, not to mention if the page makes our eyeballs roll into the back of our heads.

The new site will have the Contributing Writers page set up by genre.

This will make it easier for readers to find new authors and writers they like – less scrolling. We feel this will make the exposure level much higher for each genre of writing published on the site.

As always, we thank each and every person that reads and follows this blog. Blessings to you and yours this holiday season.

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  1. Blessings as you move the site, Scott. Your post reminds me of packing up hundreds of books when we moved to town. I sure appreciated having our (then) teen sons help us load and unload the moving truck. 🙂
    Merry Christmas ~ Wendy

  2. I echo the thanks of the previous comments. What you do is hard work…THE hard work of this site. Thank you and Marilyn for taking us all along on this journey of collaboration!

  3. Hi, Scott. The new site is shaping up nicely, and one of the most exciting features will be the posts separated by genre. It’s almost time to grab the large cup of tea and spend time with some poets, or memoirists, or, if I’m questioning my abilities, delve into the grammar shorts and advice from other writers.

    I know this feature will help expose some of our original contributing authors as well. You’re right, scrolling is time consuming and this will make it easier for our readers to find just exactly what they want – and more.

  4. Thanks to the hard work of Scott and the Two Drops of Ink Team, this community continues to support the dreams and efforts of established and budding writers without monetizing every paragraph. As a literary blog, it’s in the top ten. As for integrity, it’s number one. Keep up the good work. I hope each of you has a wonderful holiday season.

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