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“We read to know we are not alone.”

 ~C.S. Lewis~

Welcome to The Book Store at Two Drops of Ink. To check get more information about the books listed on our virtual shelve, just click on the cover of the book you’re interested in, and it will take you to Amazon or other retailers where you can choose to purchase. Also, below the thumbnails of the books, there is a longer section with each book listed and a synopsis provided (in most cases). Happy reading!

Emerson Page and Where The Light Enters Paperback by Christa Avampato two drops of ink book storeThe Institute on two drops of ink the book storeThe Book Store on Two Drops of Ink: The icing on the cake‘Untangled: A story of resilience, courage, and triumph’ by Alexis Rose two drops of ink book store

    rick amitin's book

all my jobs two drops of ink the book store

Fortitude: A Quest Through Fear and Doubt By Gayle R. Lee

Jesus and Magdalene published by Line by Lion Publications in 2016

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Two Drops of Ink: The Literary Home for Collaborative Writing

In the spirit of collaboration – teamwork between fellow writers looking to reach a bigger more diverse audience – we have decided to expand our site’s mission and promote books by both traditionally published and indie authors.

Here at Two Drops of Ink, we have blazed a trail in the blogosphere regarding collaboration between writers, bloggers, and audiences. We’ve found that creating a place for a cyber, social gathering is beneficial to everyone involved.

Our published contributors enjoy becoming a part of an established, award-winning blog. They gain exposure from our ever-growing audience. In turn, we gain the audience that they bring with their writing. Join the Two Drops of Ink family. Read our submission guidelines and send us your submission.

We have more than 20 wonderful contributing authors who have been published on this site. Check out their bios. Read their work. Visit their sites. Check out our list of ‘Published Contributors.’

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