The 8th annual Nonfiction Writers Conference two drops of ink

The 8th annual Nonfiction Writers Conference

Struggling to promote your book? Join us for the Nonfiction Writers Conference May 2-4. #NFWC Click To Tweet

We are excited to announce that Two Drops of Ink is collaborating with the Nonfiction Authors Association and will be listed as a Community Partner of this organization. Here are the details of our announcement:

Nonfiction Writers Conference 2018

We have partnered with the Nonfiction Authors Association to bring you a special discount off the 8th annual Nonfiction Writers Conference happening May 2-4, 2018. This event is completely virtual—attendees participate via phone or Skype—so no travel is required! Speakers for NFWC 2018 include:

  • Gretchen Rubin – Happiness, Habits, and Productivity for Authors
  • Gordon Warnock – Hybrid Publishing and the Pros and Cons of Traditional Publishing
  • Melinda Emerson – Social Media Trends and Strategies
  • Melinda Copp – Writing Strategies to Get Your Next Book Done
  • Tai Goodwin – Build a Business Around Your Book
  • Mike Loomis – Establish Your Author Brand Strategy
  • Angela Bole – All About Book Distribution for Self-Published Authors
  • Teresa de Grosbois – Make Your Book a Bestseller
  • Sandra Beckwith – Writing Articles and Blogs to Promote Your Book
  • Lois Creamer – Get Paid to Speak and Sell Books
  • Tina Dietz – Marketing with Podcasts and Audio Books
  • Andy Crestodina – Author Websites, Blogs and Traffic Generation
  • Paulette Ensign – Convert Your Content into Cash
  • Tina Dietz – Marketing with Podcasts and Audio Books
  • Stephanie Chandler – Book Marketing Game-Changers

Participants can also register for our popular Ask-a-Pro sessions, free 15-minute consultations with industry pros. A private Facebook group is also available for all attendees to gather and exchange ideas.

The first 200 people to register receive a complimentary Kindle copy of The Four Tendencies!

The Nonfiction Writers Conference is brought to you by the Nonfiction Authors Association, an educational community for experienced and aspiring writers. If you’re ready to accelerate your author career, pull up a seat on your couch and join us for this powerful event!

Save 33% off event registration with this discount code: PARTNER33

Details and registration:

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    • Anna,
      I would use their “contact us” to report the link and ask about purchasing this year’s tickets. I will check it from our end as well. These are links that they gave us as a community partner. Thank you for letting us know.

    • Hellop Anna,
      I checkedd the link they sent me, and you are correct, it was to the 2017 conferencde (??). I have fixed the link, and it now points to the 2018 conference registration. Thank you for pointing this out.

  1. Yes, this is another great step as we move forward with our blog. We’re proud to collaborate with the Non-fiction Authors Association.

  2. Hi, Scott. The talent and topics at this conference guarantees I’ll learn something. Plus, there’s no excuse not to attend this three day, by phone event.

    We’ll compare notes later.

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