Natasha Cline Letter to Ophelia from the river poem

Poetry: A Letter to Ophelia from the River

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By Natasha Cline

Dear Ophelia,

My flower-crowned child,

You were too young

to have already learned

the cruelty men are capable of.


There is rosemary dripping

through your hair,


sunlight cascading over

your youth.

Gentle memories gathering in puddles

at your feet

when cool water was something

to look forward to.


You have filled my body with

pansies and fennel,

and I will harbor gently

your last thoughts

rippling towards summer.

Forget, sweet girl,

the sweet nothings

boys have whispered

to make meat of you.

You are more than

what your body has to offer,

and these things

you cannot drown.


My current will carry away

the last of the Columbine,

and with it, all the deaths

you have already suffered

at the hands of

unconcerned lovers.


The rue will flood my edges,

our tears mingling, unnoticed,

sinking out of sight.

Your unwarranted sorrow

already drifting away.


Worry not, Ophelia.

Daisies will grow on my banks

near the roots of the willow.

I would give you some violets,

but they all withered

when you died.


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Natasha Cline

Natasha Cline Letter to Ophelia from the River


Natasha grew up in the mountains, and after a few years of traveling returned home to the University of North Georgia where she earned her bachelors in Spanish. She is currently a translator and has had two books published with Valpraíso Ediciones USA: She Likes to Cry While Listening to The Beatles by David Cruz and The Sky Through the Window by Roxana Méndez, both of which can be purchased here. She is a longtime language lover fluent in both Spanish and English and working on her French and Portuguese.

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