Collaboration: New Publication Opportunities for our Writing Audience maggie frisch

Collaboration: New Publication Opportunities for our Writing Audience

Collaboration is not the first thing in mind for the average writer. Should it be? The process is about working together toward a common goal - many people contribute diverse types of material, all keeping readers interested... Click To Tweet

 ~Peter B. Giblett~

Editor’s Note:

Our main focus here at Two Drops of Ink is always centered around the idea of collaborative writing and blogging.  In the past few years, we have collaborated with other writingsites, The Nonfiction Writers Association, and, the most important of all, Penguin Random House, which was a great honor.

We have a new opportunity to present to our writing and reading audience. We are promoting a newsletter with over 18 years of published volumes under its belt. Working Writer is a newsletter published by editor Maggie Frisch. Maggie is also a friend of our own Monthly Contributor, Dr. Noelle Sterne.

This post is a “call to action” for writers looking to reach a broader audience and gain new publications. Working Writer is a “non-paying” publication; however, most writers know that exposure to a new audience is worth its weight in gold. I would encourage our followers to check out this new opportunity and send Maggie Frisch a submission. Here are a few words about Working Writer from Maggie:

By Maggie Frisch

Welcome to Working Writer newsletter, a 12-page, bi-monthly publication that promises “solid information with a good dose of humor.”
WW has continuously published since May of 2000, available in both print and PDF formats.  What started as a lark turned into a long-term venture, bringing together writers across the country and the world in a spirit of writing camaraderie. The newsletter began as a print publication edited by Jennifer Lawler, an author based in Lawrence, KS. As her writing career took off, she told subscribers that Working Writer would cease its publication. Never having met or talked to Jennifer, I offered to take over as editor and publisher. She agreed and, though I thought I’d play at it for a year or so, it’s now 18 years later and going strong.
WW’s content is reader written. I’ve found that writers are incredibly generous souls, as WW is part of what I like to call The Despicable Non-Paying Market. (someone blasted WW with that phrase early on, and I adopted it).  Maybe readers just like to see their bylines, plug their latest ventures and sites, or get clips for their files. Regardless, I am always on the lookout for articles and welcome any and all topics on the general subject of writing.
The tone of the newsletter is a little offbeat, with its editorial comments and regular features such as “Words That Need to Be Retired Permanently” and “Abecedarian Corner: Inspiration for Aspiring Scribes.”  The final article is usually a humor piece, rewarding readers for making it through the previous 12 pages.
Articles can be on any topic but always about writing: different genres, agents, publishers, promotion, kid lit, freelancing, how-to, and how-not-to. Articles may be inspirational, nuts-and-bolts instructional, or just plain funny. Word counts run from 200-1400 words.  If you have even less to say but want to see it in print, we also accept tips, anecdotes, and feedback in features like “Two Cents’ Worth” and “Pet Peeves.”
For a free subscription to WW or a copy of the latest issue to check out, just send an email request to If you’d like a copy of the Submission Guidelines, I’ll be happy to email them along.
To submit an article, or two, or three, email to as an attachment, along with a short bio. No need to query. And you will have a response within a day or two. Articles are published within 2-4 months, as WW goes out bimonthly. We also accept reprints and love having access to article archives that some writer’s websites make available.  
Please do consider joining this little band of Working Writers. Send in a submission today!  
Maggie Frisch, Editor
Working Writer newsletter

Working Writer Submission information:

Submission Guidelines:

Length: 300-1400 words. Please include a word count.
Topics: Advice, anecdotes, tips, how-to, or how-not-to on any writing topic. Reprints are fine.
Query: Not necessary — just send it in! 
Submit by
Response: Within days — FAST. 
If published: We are part of the Despicable Non-Paying Market, but you’ll receive: a PDF issue, and if you like, a print copy in the mail; a plug for your latest writing venture; great exposure for your website or blog; and our sincere gratitude. 
WW is published bimonthly; articles appear in 2+ months. 


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  1. This sounds great, Scott. Thanks for sharing with us. And, I even have a little funny story that might fit. Now I have to see if it’s little enough!

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