The Rush of the Morning Dawn Written by: Justine Cabrera

Poetry by Justine Cabrera

The Rush of the Morning Dawn Written by: Justine Cabrera

The Rush of the Morning Dawn

Written by: Justine Cabrera

Date written: February 27, 2018

Music background: “We circle through the night, consumed by fire” by Max Richter

“Busy lights, street lights,

They honk as they rush in the morning dawn,

The sunset basks with its brimming smile over the horizon,

The cool morning breeze passes by,

With an energy so magnanimous,

It can uplift the heaviest crumble,

The trees smiles and waves at all the passersby,

The birds sings as it flies beyond the sky rise,


She wonders why no one is stopping as she walks lightly with innocence,

Has she entered a void in life?

Or is she the void one?

Has she finally entered her own reality?

Entrapped into solemnity,


Why do we circle through life,

Consumed by our own image,

With so much fire,

To reach the stars,

And explore other galaxies,

Drowning in endless knowing,

Yet devoid in our own world of genuine convictions,

What is the resolution?

What are we solving?


We indulge in front of the mirror,

We choose what we want to see,

Never what we need to see,


She wonders about her sanity,

Ponders on reality,

Cries for humanity,

Feels sadden for those who do not yet see,

Awareness and loss sense of time and reality,


Oh, the peaceful surrender if only one chooses to feel,

The dance between life and death,

Is just the essence of tranquility,

I beg you, live with a little sincerity.”

A bittersweet love Written by: Justine Cabrera

A bittersweet love

Written by: Justine Cabrera

Date written: November 2, 2017

As winter comes,

I am reminded again I will continue to traverse these lonely roads on my own,

Yet as bitter as this cold breeze feel on my skin,

I am still comforted by the warmth we shared,

Your warm touch, your kind smile, your deep gaze, your hugs, your passionate kiss, your silly gestures,

These sweet little signs of affection,

Deeply embedded in me,


What a tease,

On eternity,

An eternal sunshine,

And happy tomorrows,


How bittersweet life is when I finally did let go,

Only to find out that genuine love is more bittersweet,

Yet I cherish the beauty in the timelessness we shared,

Like a breeze of wind that caught us both unexpectedly,

And in that realm, we saw in each other what we hide from the world,


My safe space, my safe haven,

My bliss and my pain,

A beautiful soul who continue to help me bloom through the cracks of concrete,

I found that which is missing, my deepest longing,

Only to keep longing for more,

My bittersweet love.

Justine Cabrera

poet Justine Cabrera two drops of ink


Justine lost a big chunk of her childhood between the ages of 10 to 13 years old from bullying, gang involvement, abuse, rehab imprisonment and street life in the Philippines. She thrived from her early life experiences, and now teaches children. She holds a B.A. Honours in Law & Society from York University, has won numerous merit-based awards and scholarships, has traveled to 17 countries, and lived in 5 countries. She is also currently studying psychology and developing her own self-understanding program to raise money for disadvantaged and abandoned children.

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  1. I love your phrase “bloom through the cracks in the concrete.” Keep blooming Justine! And I love that you are encouraging others to bloom, both through sharing your poetry, and your life!

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