Two Drops of Ink 2018 Writing Contest

Attention: Writing Contest

Two Drops of Ink 2018 Writing Contest

Marilyn and I have been talking about doing another writing contest. Our readers and writing friends ask about it quite often in emails and comments. We’d like to get your thoughts about what you’d like to do.

We’ve had such a great time with these contests and huge participation. Last year, we had to extend the contest because we had so many entries. We had some great fiction stories come out of that contest. You can read them under our fiction section.

For our readers: what do you like to read? Fiction? Memoirs? What is your favorite genre?

For our writers: What do you like to see published on the site? Are writing topics your favorite posts? Would you like to do another fiction writing contest?

Please respond to our poll below

We thank you for your readership. To our contributing writers: this is your site too! You and our readers have helped to make Two Drops of Ink a buzz in the blogosphere – congrats!

Most of the requests we receive ask us to do another fiction writing contest. If we do another one, we will have a grand prize for the winner (to be announced). Again, give us your feedback below.


Marilyn and Scott

Two Drops of Ink 2018 Writing Contest: Our readers and writing friends ask about it quite often in emails and comments. We'd like to get your thoughts about what you'd like to do. Click To Tweet

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  1. Sorry, I didn’t see all the cuckoo parentheses in my most recent comment!

  2. Scott and Marilyn – I was just skimming over last year’s fiction contest posts last night and reminesing. The contest was such fun! I enjoyed the challenge both as a writer (had never written fiction before)and as a reader! There were so many excellent creative stories that it was hard to pick a favorite!
    I voted Memoir this time because I enjoy both writing and reading this genre. However, I wouldn’t be opposed to another fiction challenge either 🙂
    Whatever the voters decide – it will be great fun again! Let’s Do It!! 🤗

    • Hello Terry,
      Yes, we have had some reall fun and great participation in our past writing challanges. It’s a close tie, at this point, between memoir and fiction. We’ll keep pronoting this post and probably start the challenge in June.

  3. Thanks, Scott & Marilyn! Love your site, the people who inhabit it, and their work. I don’t think I’ve ever entered any of your writing contests (was there more than one?), but look forward to doing so – now that I finally have my memoir published!

  4. No Entry Fee! Yay! … I think every time you have a writing contest it should be different (short story, memoir, poetry, essay, etc.) thus stretching us as a community. I voted memoir only because I have a ton of stuff written already, but anything will be fine with me. I didn’t enter last time because I was right in the middle of a small book project. Can’t wait to hear what our challenge is!

  5. Yes I did check Memoirs (at least I thought I did). I would submit “Whit’s End: Breakdown to Breakthrough” if it ends up being a Non-Fiction contest. Thanks for getting back to me so fast. You are AWESOME, Marilyn. xooxo

  6. Hi, Whitney. Well, the good news is that there is never an entry fee for a submission to Two Drops of Ink, whether it’s a regular submission or a contest. Since you’ve mentioned memoir, did you check it in the poll? That is how Scott and I will determine which genre wins for the overall category.

    Last time, as Scott mentioned, it was a fiction contest with an image prompt. Who knows what it will be this time, but the votes will let us know what both our readers and writers want.

  7. An entry fee would keep me from submitting. I would GLADLY enter Memoirs that show what God can do if invited and allowed!

    • In the literary world, it is very common to see an entry fee for submissions to contests; this is how they raise much of the money for their large prizes. Moreover, some online magazines, and print magazines, charge a fee for regular submission as well.

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