Poetry: A Letter to Icarus from the Sun

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By Natasha Cline


Dear Icarus,

You have challenged the sky.

Now look where it has dropped you,

singed and stinging

into an undulating sea.


I, too, cherish rising, and

I, too, collapse




the full body of me

devoured by the horizon.


There is always risk in ascension,

the flurry of feathers floating up,

molten rays rising.

The intoxicating rush of warmth

followed by an unadulterated


Gentle Icarus,

the ocean will cradle you.

The moon will shelter you,

but I was not made for such devout worship.

Do not sacrifice yourself to me

for I have no blessings to bestow

upon such tender youth.


Photo Credit: Simran Singh|HubPages

Natasha Cline

Natasha Cline Letter to Ophelia from the River


Natasha grew up in the mountains, and after a few years of traveling returned home to the University of North Georgia where she earned her bachelors in Spanish. She is currently a translator and has had two books published with Valpraíso Ediciones USA: She Likes to Cry While Listening to The Beatles by David Cruz and The Sky Through the Window by Roxana Méndez, both of which can be purchased here. She is a longtime language lover fluent in both Spanish and English and working on her French and Portuguese.

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