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News: Two Drops of Ink 2018 Writing Contest


2018 Writing Contest – Two Drops of Ink

Hello all, we’ve had a lot of people vote in the poll we took for “readers’ choices” and which genre writers would like to participate in as a writing challenge.

Marilyn and I studied this and thought long and hard about what we should do. We’ve had two successful, exciting writing contests in the last two years, one for memoirs, and one for fiction, and we wanted to do something different. We thought about things like writing prompts and other ideas we have done in the past.

That said, we started analyzing the poll, and we decided that we didn’t want to alienate anyone who wanted to write. In other words, we had a lot of votes for all the genres, even though memoir was top and fiction was second, but why should we limit the contest?

Since this is a “readers choice” voting process, why not have writers submit in whatever genre they wish? It’s up to each writer to promote their own post, push their piece for votes, and the one with the most “likes” wins the $100 grand prize along with a badge for their website or blog (if they have one).

So, we will take submissions for any genre you wish, other than romance or partisan, political essays, and then it’s up to you, the writers, to promote your post and win the contest on the merits of your post.

Keep in mind that some genres are not as popular as others so you may have to work harder to promote your post for the most reader’s choice votes.

I think this will make for quite an interesting challenge!


The Contest Rules

We’re going to get this going in June; however, we will begin taking submissions now. That said, here are the rules once all the submissions are in (yes…you can end a sentence with a preposition). You pick the genre and submit your piece. We will accept submissions through mid-June, giving writers time to write and submit.

Here we go: 

  1. Send all submissions to (questions as well).
  2. Make sure you put “Writing Contest” in the subject line of your email.
  3. Check your grammar and syntax. I will tolerate some mistakes as this is normal for all writers; however, if your submission is filled with grammar errors, I will ask for a resubmission before the deadline. No submission is guaranteed to be published.
  4. Our regular contributors may participate (and are encouraged to do so), but cannot win the grand prize.
  5. To win, you must have the most likes on your post. Simple. It’s your job as the author to share and solicit votes.
  6. You cannot like your own post.
  7. Submissions should be under 4000 words.
  8. We will run the contest (voting) through June and possibly into the first part of July (these contests can often be a bit fluid). However, we will also be publishing other submissions after all of the contest submissions are posted.
  9. The grand prize will be $100 to the “post with the most” – the most “Likes.”
  10. There will also be a badge for the winner to place on their blog or website.
  11. All submitting writers must like our Facebook page and follow the site through one of our many “follow” options. This will serve to help writers stay informed about the site’s activities and announcements.
  12. Participation will give your bio, sites, and links exposure whether or not you win.
  13. Have fun, invite friends to read, and share this post.

Good luck everyone!

Scott and Marilyn




  1. I love your decision-making process and the wide-open arms of your decision to welcome any genre. Thank you and Marilyn for doing this!

    • We thought about it, and we just want each and every writer to have the opportunity to participate no matter the genre.

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