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Sunday Spotlight: Barbara Sinor

Our Sunday Spotlight shines on Barbara Sinor, Ph.D.

Journal Notes to Published Book, discusses how an accident created an opportunity to write her book, Inspirational Musings: Insights for Those in Recovery, available fall, 2018.

All of us should remember to never underestimate the perseverance of a writer with a purple pen.

~Marilyn L. Davis, Assistant Editor, Two Drops of Ink



Journal Notes to Published Book


two drops of ink barbara sinor marilyn l davis scott biddulphWriters may find themselves unable to write because of physical or mental interruptions, however, nothing can stand in the way of a writer’s instinct to write. I had a stupid fall; I say stupid because aren’t all falls stupid?

I had just purchased a new Christmas sweater for YoYo, my nine pound Havenese mix, and was so excited to show it to her when I arrived home. Not realizing the sweater had slipped from an armful of other items, I quickly turned around to proudly show it to her and slipped on it–falling to the ground with a thud!

What resulted was a sprained left elbow, wrist, knee, ankle, and a fractured hip. Obviously, I needed surgery and was in the hospital for four days; then, I was transferred to a skilled rehabilitation facility to continue my recovery.

This all happened during the dead of winter of 2017-18. I spent the Christmas holidays, New Years, my birthday, and my departed husband’s birthday sequestered in a drab room listening to the many sounds of patients’ discomfort, medical equipment, and intermittent silence. As I lay in my cold hard hospital bed, I began to feel sorry for myself. Then a dear friend brought me a new spiral-bound blank Journal and bright purple pen. My life was not over after all!

I sat in bed, and later in a wheelchair, clutching the purple pen as the words began to creep into my dazed brain. Click To Tweet

The pages were perfectly lined, which made it easy to focus on jotting down my emotions, my fears, my discomfort, my questions, and my spiritual lessons and insights. Each day I would write at least one page, even if it was only a sentence or two. Soon, I was writing for hours sitting at a small table next to a lonely window with saggy gold curtains. My daytime consisted of hours of physical therapy, seeing visitors, and writing in my Journal. I was there for an entire month.

When I was able to return home, I continued my writing, which stimulated an acknowledgement that I had written a book that needed to be shared with others. The writing was already in an ordered sequence as each topic flowed to the next throughout the weeks of confinement. I arranged the pages to include quotes from well known poets and authors to bring a sense of inclusion and completion to my writing. In the beginning, I was skeptical about the type of book that seemed to unfold.

It wasn’t a “How To” book, or one that all readers could directly glean from as it spoke only of my individual journey. It was just a mere eighty pages of poetry, musings, and stories. I almost had myself convinced not to submit the work to my publisher. Then I decided to send it off in a PDF to several family members and friends, asking for their honest assessment. When I received positive feedback, I sent it to book reviewers, and again received profoundly positive comments. As most writers understand, sometimes it’s easier to trust others’ opinions than our own!

I titled the booklet Inspirational Musings: Insights for Those in Recovery and mailed it off to my publisher. Happily, it will be released this fall, 2018. I offer these personal musings to all those going through any type of recovery or healing from addiction, injury, or emotional trauma to gain self-knowledge, insight, and strength on their journey through life. After this experience, I feel there is never a time when writers cannot write–even when recovering from a fractured hip! Write on fellow authors…write on.


Bio: Barbara Sinor, Ph.D.


Dr. Sinor is the author of eight books, including the above booklet to be released fall 2018.

Her other seven books are highly endorsed in the non-fiction genres of addiction recovery, childhood abuse/incest, adult children of alcoholics, and other self-help and inspirational topics.

Dr. Sinor encourages your comments and can be contacted through her website:

She is currently working on the sequel to her first novel, Finding Destiny.

Sinor’s other writing appears in the quarterly “Recovering the Self: A Journal of Hope and Healing,” as well as other magazines, newsletters, and Blogs.

Amazon list of my books: Barbara’s Books on Amazon

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    • Dear Here to There, thanks for your comment on this short story of my journal-to-book writing! If you want more info, please go to my website or blog. Blessings, Barbara~

    • Michell, thanks for your comments here. I won’t say I perfected putting journal writing into a book, but I gave it a shot! Hope you find it worthwhile when reading it. For more info, please go to my website and blog. Blessings, Barbara~

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