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New Horizons

By Scott Biddulph


scott biddulph new horizons two drops of ink marilyn l davisThis will be one of the hardest posts I’ll ever write. However, it’s time to address the issue of my future and Two Drops of Ink. It’s time to share my heart with all of you.

Many of you know the history of this blog, so I won’t go through all of that. I’ll just say, Marilyn and I have been through a lot together, and it was her prompting that led to our partnership and eventual success as bloggers.

I wasn’t writing much on this blog, such as it once was, and I probably would not have done so if Marilyn hadn’t asked me to get more involved.

We have had a blast, for the most part. We have had a lot of success with the idea of “collaborative blogging.” We’ve toiled over new ideas, birthing new writers, promoting authors and seasoned writers, and keeping things fresh.

That said, it’s in this vein of thought that I have to say, I’m not fresh. My heart is not in what I do here at Two Drops, and when that happens, in this field, it’s time to go. Readers can sense when a writer or editor is not impassioned with their work. My head is in a different place. It’s there that I must go.

It’s not you, it’s me

I always laugh when I hear the phrase. “It’s not you, it’s me.” Marilyn knows that I’m a Seinfeld encyclopedia. I often say to her when something mundane occurs, “There is a Seinfeld episode about that…”

In one episode, George Costanza, the very definition of a weasel, has a girl break up with him and tells him that it’s not him, it’s her. He is more offended that she stole his line, “It’s not you, it’s me…” than he is about the break-up. Just some context for the use of the phrase here.

So, “It’s not you, it’s me.”

Yes, I love this blog. I love the writers and readers; however, my heart is longing to pursue other things in the literary world. I love grammar, and I love to edit, but I haven’t written much in the last two years because of the success of this blog. I know, most people long for this kind of problem, but with each new success you all have as writers, or whatever you do, there is always a new problem.

For me, that problem became my inability to pursue goals and dreams of my own regarding what I love to write about.

I will still hang around the edges. I will take a much-needed back seat role. But, I will always be there for my friends and family here at Two Drops. I thank each of you for your loving support and readership. It’s been a blast!

Blessings to you all,

Scott Biddulph


  1. Thank you, Scott, for your kindness and for your encouragement to all of us who have been published on Two Drops of Ink. You and Marilyn have created a safe haven for writers.
    Blessings ~ Wendy Mac

  2. I applaud from these far away bleachers, knowing the courage it takes to be who you are. Thank you, Scott!

  3. My best wishes as you literally write the next chapter. You’ve inspired many folks. Thanks for modeling integrity-personal and artistic.

  4. Hi Scott! I finally got my computer to cooperate with my logging in…:) I also left you a comment on the FB page. I am sad you’re pulling away, but totally understand and hope your new adventures in writing bring much reward to you both personally and successfully. I have appreciated your care in editing, and supporting my writing posts here and will miss those comic replies! Stay in touch with us here and head on out to explore with pen in hand!

  5. Scott, bittersweet news indeed. I am excited about the new opportunities you will be pursuing, yet there is also a sadness that you will no longer be full-in in Two Drops.
    I am so very grateful for all you have done for this site, its’ writer’s, and its’ readers. I am most grateful for all you have done for me personally.
    Never underestimate the imprint your work has had here, nor the impact it has had individually on so many lives.
    You will be greatly missed!

    And now on a lighter note – Proof that some successes never fade or grow old.

  6. Hi Scott,
    Your encouraging comments, and your involvement in this site, have played a large part in getting me back into writing. Thank you!
    All the best in your future projects!

  7. Sometimes that comfort level changes and we have to move on. You have been a wonderful mentor for many of us. Go do your thing and drop by when you can.

    • Thank you JoAnn. I’ll still be here, just in a very low-key role. Blessing to you!

  8. I agree, Scott. My heart isn’t into “how to’s” either, it just isn’t. I stand with you “around the edges” of this lovely campfire, grateful for the warmth of its encouragement, yet not having very much material to actually submit. For me, writing is a verb: it’s how I find out what I think. It’s like wrestling (kind of period). About all I have to say on the subject is, “Keep feeding the Flame.” And so, I thank you for your wholehearted, vulnerable share — and for being there!

    • Hello Whitney,
      I have to say, I love “How To’s.” I found my natural talent here more as an editor than a writer. I’m a grammarian. Some call themselves such, but I actually study the craft because I’m fascinated by it.

      I can write, but it doesn’t come naturally to me. I have to work hard to add rhetorical devices to make my writing alive and interesting. Others, like my dear friend Marilyn, have this talent quite naturally. So, I eventually put my hand to the plow of editing.

      My interests are in writing about my faith in Christ and political philosophy. This will be my new focus. Also, I’m trying to finish up some editing jobs for clients. I want to be free of that as well.

      I hope that explains my position better.
      Blessings, Scott

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