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Sunday Spotlight: Peter B. Giblett

By: Marilyn L. Davis


I’ve known Peter for about six years, first as a moderator at Wikinut, an online writing site. If you could make it past Peter’s scrutiny, any post that he moderated was sure to garner hits, likes, and comments. I made, what for me, was a bold move. I called him, and we began a phone friendship. He was always encouraging, listening to my questions, and always gave me, not just good advice, but resources to improve my writing, or other perspectives on my topics.

When I got more active on Two Drops of Ink, I talked to him about writing for the site, and the rest, as they say, is history. As a monthly contributor, Peter offers advice on blogging, words, and improving both.

Peter’s blog,, “shows people how to turn their Blog into a powerful resource, by helping them communicate more effectively with the power of the written and spoken word. He frequently writes about social media, because of how it can help bloggers and small business grow.”

A few years back, Peter was blind in one eye, and when we talked, I was amazed at how resourceful he was. He was going to write regardless. Using voice recognition software, he didn’t stop producing posts.

That’s a writer.


Peter B. Giblett’s posts on Two Drops of Ink


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  1. I was impressed with you before, but now I am really impressed. Determination is a wonderful characteristic and you have it in spades (to use a bad cliche). So happy that you’ve been highlighted. It’s well deserved. Kudos!

  2. I don’t get much opportunity to surf the web on Sundays. This morning, however, something was different. The phone was ringing. It was my dear friend Marilyn, telling me she wanted to include me in the Sunday Spotlight. Well I was surprised, but happy she was doing this. I normally scorn the spotlight, it took me a long time to accept that I needed to put my image on websites like Twitter or Facebook.

    Moderating Wikinut is full of mixed emotions. It is great to see excellent writers, but so sad to see a badly written submission. Worse still those writers that never improve.

    Eyesight is something I was always afraid of losing. I went to university with a blind guy I feared ending up that way. That time when I suffered was among worst days in my life. Panic – writing when you can’t see. I thank that reading software, a passion for writing and the World Cup for getting through that period. I still have nightmares about it today. With writing you have to go out and do it, learn from things that go wrong, and get better. Somehow you have to find a way to go on.

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