Poetry Break by: ANWAR GHENI JABER

“Poetry might be defined as the clear expression of mixed feelings.” W.H. Auden, New Year Letter




Summer Is Not Beautiful 

Our summer is not beautiful because our girls have no new veils and our children have no smiles. In summer, the sea is windless and the sky is cloudless but the eyes of this world are blind to see my bare body. Summer is so lightweight and my house is summery in everything; there is no sofa, no television and no life. Our morning is hot and empty and our evening is dry and painful. Summer is not beautiful because its sun is dark and its tales are sad.


Our Crazy Summer

I am from the south where the sun is naked and the rivers are waterless. I can’t give you a rose because our summer is a flowers’ killer and our butterflies had retired in an anonymous day. Our summer is crazy; his hair is not combed and his rings are strange. If you see his face you won’t forget his scowl and if you touch his hand you won’t forget his coldness. Our summer is crazy and had taught us his bizarre story so this world doesn’t like our walking and it always tries to push us from the bridge.


The Dark Summer

The summer’s kites are beautiful and bear our dreams on their wings but our summer always cuts their silks and leaves us with tears. Our summer is an old dizzy portent so he knows nothing about our dry flowers and sees our pain but doesn’t send any breeze to smooth our reddish cheeks. Unlike our primitive souls, our summer is mysterious and dark. It has brought all the world’s smokes into our land in a faceless night.



Bio: Anwar Gheni Jaber

Anwar Gheni Jaber is an Iraqi poet, writer and artist. He was born in 1973 in Babylon.

Tessellated (poems in one poem) narrative, lyric writing and digital expressionistic art are his peculiar styles.

His name has appeared in many literary magazines and anthologies and he has won many prizes; one of them is the “World Laureate-Best Poet in 2017 from WNWU”.

Anwar is the author of “Narratopoet”; (2017), “Tessellation”; (2018) and other 60 books. 

His websites:  https://anwarjaber.wordpress.com

Amazon:      https://amazon.com/author/anwarjaber

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