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OOPS – What’s Later than Last Minute?

By: Marilyn Davis


Updated Vacation


Just as every traveler knows, even with checklists, something is missed. We reach our vacation destination, and then we realize, I forgot to notify the readers of my plans.  While I let Scott and writers know, I apologize to the readers for not letting you know that Two Drops of Ink will be back with exciting new posts after August 7th.

It seems that the simple-to-use transfer of my American plan on my electronics is explicitly tied to the unfavorable exchange rate for dollars to euros, so I had less time to share info. I have to confess that much of what access I did have went to posting pictures on Facebook. After all, it’s France. In fact, it’s so French, that I have a hat for the first time since 5th grade!

harvesting lavendar in sault france marilyn l davis two drops of ink

I imagine though that many of you are getting in last-minute trips, getting ready for school, or gathering your garden harvest, much like Henri, who graciously let me take his photo in Sault. Gathering lavender is still done in the time-honored way on some farms. 

Upcoming Posts

If you’re like me, then you’re fascinated by poetry and envious of the poet’s ability to use direct, powerful words to paint a picture, evoke an image, or excite our emotions. I’m planning an interview and overview of Anwar Gheni Jaber’s unique style of poetry – narrative or block poetry.

With this explanation, I think that we should all try our hand at narrative poetry. Writing in this way would get us out of our comfort zones. Are you up for a challenge?

If reading new poets is more your style, we’ll be introducing, Henna Sjöblom in August. 

Noelle Sterne will help us all by looking at rejection (one of the writer’s greatest fears) from a personal, unique way. In editing this post, I know there are lessons for all.

With her varied background, Shahnaz Radjy will be back from 3 weddings in 3 countries and her husband, we hope, has harvested their crops so she can write about the writing process.

Peter Giblett’s Airbnb in Ontario is winding down for the summer, and we’ll have a post from him, too.

In the Meantime…

I’m off to the Abbey-Notre-Damme de Senaque. The purpose of this abbey, built in 1148, was to provide simplicity, solitude, and time to reflect. Regardless of electronic’s issues, there is always the trusty pen and paper, so notes on the trip are no problem. 

Then dinner in Gordes, early morning train to Zurich, and…stay tuned.


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  1. Enjoy, Marilyn! We just got back from Iceland. I’m thinking of trying my hand at a poem about it, so your link on narrative poetry will come in handy!

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