Finding Your Creative Ideas May Require a Goat


By: Laurie Oien


“If you can’t write, read.
If you can’t read, walk.
Or walk and read, then write.”
Joyce Rachelle


Stuck in the Ordinary?

Two guys in a delivery truck took a different route one day, and it changed their whole day. It gave them a different perspective, created new feelings and beliefs that hadn’t been there before.

As a creative person, do you find yourself in a creative slump, maybe feeling stuck in the same old pattern, or your forward motion is less motivated? Perhaps lack of direction or progress has put you in the middle of a creative famine.

I’ve been trying to challenge myself with different writing genres and dipping my pen in the ink of diverse writing styles, which has been both exciting and mind-boggling.

I found it’s put me in a state of mind block. Not writer’s block, necessarily, but sorting my thoughts from a messy blur of ideas, to concentrating on one from start to finish. 

From Creative Chaos to Creative Mojo

I’m guessing many creatives have dealt with this type of chaotic thinking. You have many ideas that flow in but struggle on how to get them to flow out. Click To Tweet

The techniques are endless on how to re-discover your creative mojo, but finding what technique works for you is the key to opening the floodgates to new inspiration. One technique that works for me is to free my mind.

Do something that will literally pull you away from the normal everyday routine. Something different or something you wouldn’t usually do.

Finding Your Creative Ideas May Require a Goat two drops of ink marilyn l davisMaybe to be creative, you have to get creative. Like the woman that came up with Goat Yoga.

The idea came to Lainey Morse, owner of a rescue goat farm. When she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, she discovered that interacting with goats helped improve her mood, and it had positive effects on her overall health. 

From this observation, she organized goat-interaction events with the public. After the success of these events, Goat Yoga was born.

If you don’t have a single clue what a downward dog is and would rather not do downward anything, much less with a goat, you might be wondering how could yoga with goats possibly be the answer to your creative flow? Click To Tweet

Changes Can Get Your Creativity Flowing 

The idea of mixing it up with goats on a yoga mat may sound ridiculous and silly, but is it possible that focusing on something out of your normal routine could potentially give you a creative kick-start? Yoga with goats may not be your mantra, but the point is to do something unique, uncommon from what you’d typically do. It may be what your mind needs to see or feel a different experience.

It doesn’t have to mean expensive spas or retreats to get a renewed mindset. Think of simple changes. For instance:

  1. Take an alternative route home from work.
  2. Go to a new restaurant.
  3. Try a different menu item.
  4. Slow down and savor new flavors, sights, and smells.

Finding Your Creative Ideas May Require a Goat marilyn l davis two drops of ink Yes, you are a loyal customer at your favorite coffee shop, but maybe today try the one further down the street and see what it has to offer. The new scenery, different encounters or possible opportunities could provide inspiration.

Even walking through the grocery store in the opposite direction than what you usually do could strike creative gold.

Getting out of your head for a moment and experiencing a new thing, a different place, or a fresh outlook could add spark to an existing idea, therefore, letting the creativity flow organically.

That Same Day? No, A Different Result Entirely

Those two delivery guys that decided to take a different route that day discovered a dire situation. It’s almost as if they were guided down a different road for a reason. They happened to show up at the right place at the right time and were able to talk a young man down from the ledge of a bridge.

This is certainly not a situation I’d wish for anyone as a way to replenish their creativity drought, but as you can imagine; this experience may have given a whole new perspective to all involved. Possibly, an inspired purpose was discovered, or a connection formed to create an original idea never thought of before. Just from taking a different route.

Like doing yoga with goats, it was an original idea sparked from a unique experience then recognizing what happens when goats and people spend time together.

So, if you’re searching for just one creative idea in the middle of a haystack, maybe it’s time to break away from your daily routine and go find yourself a goat.


laurieBio: Laurie Oien

Laurie is a blogger, writer and contributing author in the anthology, Feisty After 45, released by Mills Park Publishing. Laurie resides in Minnesota and enjoys finding creative ways to write on her blog about everyday experiences with a dash of wit, inspiration and a pinch of dramatics.

You can find her enjoying the theatre, collaborating with other writers in a writing group and delighting in a daily dose of dark chocolate.  

In addition, she writes short fiction stories, essays and creative non-fiction with a style of intrigue, encouragement or humor. Her writing has been published on Two Drops of Ink: A Literary Blog, Erma Bombeck Writers’ Workshop and Midlife Boulevard.  Laurie blogs at A Square of Chocolate.

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    • Michelle, appreciate your feedback and thanks for taking time to read. Hope it sparked new ideas for you.

  1. “Two guys in a delivery truck took a different route one day”. I get this – I was talking to our postal worker. I asked her why she delivered at radically different times. The answer some days she reverses the route. Her reason – to gain a different perspective.

    We all need to go that different route once in a while. Not sure I want a goat on my back though.

    • Peter, thanks for sharing that little nugget – sounds like your postal worker gets it. Of all people, she would understand doing the same route every day can get dull.

  2. There is Goat Yoga near me. My sister was visiting this past week and we laughed about going to a class but didn’t. Just the idea made us giggle. Creativity is sometimes certainly just an idea!

    • Oh Haralee, I think you should go! You and your sister would probably have an experience to remember. Thank you so much for taking time share here.

  3. Laurie – Excellent Post! I have heard of Goat Yoga but had no idea how it came about before reading your post! Lol! I agree, that doing something different can spark one’s creativity, but I may have to try one of your other suggestions for lack of available goats nearby!

    • Haha awesome Terry! Who would’ve thought…yoga and goats together. It amazes me the creative ideas people come up with and then run with it without looking back. I hope this sparked some ideas of your own to run with. Thanks much for sharing your thoughts.

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