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Poetry Break: Devika Mathur





Like a swollen stigma

Cracking my skull

Tangling with knots in my stomach

I am a rugged moth

Floating in the mouth of lies,

Broken, silent

With a broken chip of nail

Stuck and fabricating my body

With hallucinations of dewy shadows.

Whom am I, if not a footprint?

All blurred and deformed.


Memories are just Memories 



For memories does not spark my romance with life

Nor do they slip through the curtains of moisture.

All these years, even when I was a teenager,

I watered the dying roses and Orchids

Flushing a spew of lightning and rock salt

People became a mystery to me, leaving me stained

Behind the sturdy brown doors, a knob-less door

And then began a veracious knitting

of words with emotions,

I popped millions of pills, smoked cigars

Innumerable open wounds made me ugly, they said so.

Placid openings spewed disgust, Torrents powerful.

So, memories clasp you, twist and give a sudden twitch

They furl and embrace your naked soul,

Immersed in the droplets of blood and ink.

Memories are nothing but floating crisp memories.


Bio: Devika Mathur

Devika Mathur is an emerging poetess from the country of love and culture, India.

Her work has been previously published in Visual Verse, Slicklit Mag, Indian periodicals, Sudden Denouement among various others.
She writes for her blog  https://myvaliantsoulsblog.wordpress.com/.
A published poet, she is a hardcover lover of words.



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