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Poetry Break: Justine Cabrera

A poem on love, fiery connection, renewal of life, transformation, fragility of life, finite existence and resiliency.

“What is to give light must endure burning.” – Viktor Frankl


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I Dance with Fire


An old feeling visited me today,

I turn the lights off,

Yet the shadow still follows me in the dark,


Days turned into months,

I forget how you sound,

Your face,

Your scent,

But your essence remains,


Like a lucid dream,

I remember the rhythm of the fire,

It danced with us that night,

Oh, the infinite sound of night,

That comforted us for days to come,


In the midst of our existence,

I am left wondering,

Wondering if you still dance with fire,


I will always dance with fire,

Under the pouring rain,

Engulfed by snow,

Waves and winds hurling me around,

“Hush,” I whisper to myself,

As the rest of my body painfully turns into ice,


I feel numb,

I continue to burn so intensely inside,

From flesh skin to ashes,

From ashes to life,

A rose emerge,

It starts dancing around the fire,

I will always dance with fire,

Because I am the fire,


Dance with me even when I am on fire,

Everything will burn,

Except you by my side,

Dance with me night after night,

Until we both burn with the sun,

That gave us life.


What are we, if we do not set ourselves on fire?

Keep dancing with fire,

Let’s burn the night sky,

And awaken those who lost their fire.




Bio: Justine Cabrera

Justine lost a big chunk of her childhood between the ages of 10 to 13 years old from bullying, gang involvement, physical abuse and molestation, rehab imprisonment and street life in the Philippines.

Prior to this, her life was already marked by instability and uncertainty growing up in a third world country as a child, she attended 8 different schools and lived 8 different homes before the age of 13.

She thrived from her early life experiences, and now teaches children. She holds a B.A. Honours in Law & Society from York University, has won numerous merit-based awards and scholarships, has traveled to 19 countries, and lived in 6 countries.

An artist by heart, she is also currently studying psychology and writing her first book to help people understand deeply and heal from the depths of human pain, suffering and childhood trauma.

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  1. Wow…your poetry is beautiful. Your life is an amazing journey. Your book will bring healing to others. Make sure to post it on Two Drops when it is finished so we can buy it!

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