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Poetry Break: Anwer Ghani

By: Anwer Ghani


A Windy Love


As a dazzled butterfly, I will end in love of this earth. I will exit from its fissures with a crown of heavy years. Like this, like a windy love, I will dissolve in the lake’s dream.


A Windy Moment 


In our windy boat, you can see all blue colors, and the deep lands of dreams. With it, we have crossed the seas of sound where the magic fields singing their ballads. At that windy moment, some secret souls greet us warmly.


A Windy finger


When you reach those remote lands and when you see my pain, please ignite a candle in our cold night, and make this sleepy world know something about the truthful light. I know; you can’t remember the souls of the flowers which know nothing but beauty, but when we drown deeply in our dreams and when you meet all the possible illuminations, at that time you may find the windy finger of the poet.



Anwer Ghani poetry two drops of inkAnwer Ghani is an Iraqi poet and writer. He was born in 1973 in Babylon.

His name has appeared in many literary magazines and anthologies and he has won many prizes; one of them is the “World Laureate-Best Poet in 2017 from WNWU”. Tessellated (poems in one poem) narrative prose poetry is the peculiar style of Anwer.

He is the author of:


“Antipoetic Poems”

“Mosaic: Prose Poems”

“Tessellation” and 60 other books  


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  1. Anwer,
    I love the first one best…but I also like the theme of the wind. It is one of my favorite things to walk on a windy day. It speaks to me in ways that touch my spirit. Therefore, any writing about my friend the wind is beautiful to me.

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