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Sunday Spotlight: Monthly Contributor: Christopher G. Fox, Ph. D

By: Marilyn L. Davis


Our Sunday Spotlight is on Christopher G. Fox, Ph. D., a writer and communications strategist living in Los Angeles. He works with executives and subject matter experts to help them build reputations through messages, conversations, stories, and thought leadership. 

He is also the creator of Kindness Communication®, which promotes the idea that the worlds we move in can be better places if we make kindness the core of how we operate.


Like so many relationships today, I met Christopher on Facebook about two years ago. I was the assistant editor at Two Drops of Ink at the time, and part of my job was to find writers for the site.

As I read posts from other writers or read their comments, I was impressed with Christopher’s positive, encouraging tone in both his writing and responses to writer’s questions and their links.

I finally worked up the courage to ask him if he would write a guest post for Two Drops of Ink. His initial post was Five Ways to Become a Kind Writer, where he explained to us exactly how to be a kind and better writer. 

Then, as is often the case, we both dropped out of that room, but not before Christopher wrote about taking a break from writing.

About two months ago, I looked at my list of writers I wanted to reconnect with, and Christopher’s name wasn’t crossed out. That only meant that I hadn’t taken the time to see what he was doing, nor had I reached out to him.

Emails and instant chat give us access across the miles, so once again, I contacted him. Much to my delight, Christopher was ready to write again and gave us, Taking the Leap of Faith: From Communication to Conversation.

These two posts are exactly the types of writing that I believe the readers and other writers at Two Drops of Ink have come to expect – solid, well-written posts. After this second post, I asked Christopher to become a monthly contributor, and he graciously agreed.

I hope that you’ll welcome him, read his posts, and adopt some of his expert advice. I hope I have.

Here’s a post from Christopher that can help you clarify, before New Year’s Eve, why resolutions don’t work, but yearly themes do. Made me think. 



Besides the two posts linked, Christopher has also written Use Your Voice to Heal  for Two Drops of Ink

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