The Winner of the Best 1000 Words for the Image Contest Is…

By: Marilyn L. Davis, Editor-in-chief


I want to thank everyone who participated in the contest.

One of the most exciting aspects of the Best 1000 Words for the Image Contest was the diversity of writing. But that’s what picture prompts do, they spark feelings, memories, or inspire the writer to find new meanings for the images.

We, humans, are visual. With phones today, we record moments of joy, sadness, suffering, and splendor. We’ll sit for hours looking at old photos of us as children, laugh at the clothing of the time, or remember a deceased relative with love.

Images transport us to a different time and place. And that is exactly what all of the writers in this contest did. Click To Tweet 

They breathed life into the still image and took us to some unexpected places, too. Whether it was poetry or narrative, we saw the worlds, people, and places that they created. We experienced joy and melancholy through their words.

While each of the writers gave us enjoyable, thought-provoking, other-worldly or nostalgic writing, this is also the announcement of the winner.



Winner of the Best 1000 Words for the Image Contest – Shahnaz Radjy! 




Besides reading Shahnaz’s, “My Secret Legacy”, here’s a list of all the participants:


Aïda Barsoum: “Memoir of a Slogger


Ann Christine Tabaka: “An Epic Poem


 Anwer Ghani: “Mosaicked Arabian Man Dreams


Ben Rose: “There But for the Grace


Carol Hind: “Autumn’s Soliloquy


Danielle Bernock: “I Wish You Would See Me, Too


Gideon Cecil: “Waiting for Valerie


J. Rohr: “At Home in the Hideout


John Cosmos Aller: “The Cosmic Bench in Lithia Park


Michelle Gunnin: “Looking for the Past


Rebecca Larsen: “Nothing and Everything


Saoirse Love: “Those Mad, Mad, Crazy Eyes


Shahnaz Radjy: “My Secret Legacy


Susan Mehr: “Haiku Ballad #4


Traci Kenworth:   “The Curse


Wayne Russell:   “What Happened?


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Stay tuned for another image prompt writing contest in the spring.

In the meantime, Two Drops of Ink is looking for new and seasoned writers to teach us how to improve our writing, enchant us with a poem, entertain us with a memoir as it relates to writers and bloggers, or take us to a fictional place and time. Consider submitting a guest post today.


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