Credit to the Monthly Contributors for these Awards

By: Marilyn L. Davis


Let’s Build a Solid Platform

In 2012, Scott Biddulph and I would drink coffee at our local shop and debate whether we could build Two Drops of Ink into a platform that would attract published authors and writers as well as providing new writers an opportunity for exposure.

We knew that a solid platform had:

  • A Website with loyal readers 
  • A sizeable mailing list
  • Credibility within the literary communities
  • A large following on all social media

We also realized that we didn’t have that appealing platform yet, but we were willing to take a chance that the concept had merit.

About the only thing we could both bring to the site was enthusiasm, determination, and a desire to write, read, and encourage other writers in our vision of a community of writers, poets, the how-to advice givers, and writers who made us laugh, cry, or reflect.

Let’s Just Invite Them to Submit

We took risks, reaching out to other writers in our respective groups on social media.

Sometimes, we got submissions. However, there were times that we got rejected. I remember getting a curt response back that if Two Drops of Ink ever ranked high on Google, this writer might consider a short story. Ouch.

But just as every writer is often rejected if the editor doesn’t like the manuscript, we had to be willing to face rejection from writers as well.

Fast Forward Five Years

Today, that concept of creating a home for collaborative writing was validated when we won our fourth award from The Write Life’s list of 100 Best Websites for Writers! 

Then we got a notice that we’d also won a new award for the Top 100 Literary Blogs & Websites in 2019 For Writers and Publishing Agents

Contributors Make the Awards Possible

None of these awards were possible without the writers who are monthly contributors at Two Drops of Ink. This list has their top two read posts, but I would encourage you to read more of their writing on Two Drops of Ink.

Christopher Fox

Five Ways to Become a Kind Writer

Let the Baby Cry 


Claudia Ricci

The Keys to Happiness

Gabriela’s Moon


Michelle Gunnin

How to Write the Tough Stuff

The Red Light District


Noelle Sterne

Why Writers Should Stop Reading

What’s Your Niche? 


Peter B. Giblett

What Collaborative Writing Means

Do Published Books Make You an Expert in Your Subject?


Shahnaz Radjy

 Best 1000 Words for the Image Contest: Shahnaz Radjy: My Secret Legacy

5 Writing Lessons I Learned from Reading this Year


Other Talented Contributors at Two Drops of Ink

While the monthly contributors listed above are featured, the wealth of talent at Two Drops of Ink doesn’t end there.

Are you looking for a specific genre today? Then look at the pull-down menu under contributing writers and find that poem, essay, how-to, memoir, or short fiction post, grab your coffee, and enjoy.

Never Far from the Coffee Shop Idea

I still believe in encouraging writers to submit a guest post. However, I no longer wonder if we can provide them with a solid platform for increasing exposure for their posts, sites, or books.

We do.

I hope that you’ll consider a submission to a multiple-award winning literary site.

If you find posts that entertain, educate, or enchant you at Two Drops of Ink, please consider nominating us for a Positive Writer Award. Thank you.


Two Drops of Ink: The Home for Collaborative Writing


  1. As the old Virginia Slim commercial phrase used to be “You’ve come a long way, baby!” A cup of coffee, a dream, some very hard work, and a group of very talented writers has translated into the award-winning blog Two Drops has become! Congratulations!!

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