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Poetry Break: Anwer Ghani: The Gray Window

By: Anwer Ghani

I know that gray window which covers my crippled days with its rambling glasses; I mean I know it very well. I also know that voice and that hand which cut our kites as a salty cup and push our dream into an early sleep. You remember them; I mean you remember them very well. Tell me now; how can I walk in these rambling days? And how can I call my birds to sing again? Yes, no colorful birds at our rambling window and all what you  see, just faint shadows of past flowers. No rain here; at our cold window where the roads, eats everything, even the beautiful eyes of the red rose and the coquettish voices of our women. No children here, and when you touch the rough hands of our empty roads you will know very well that there are no children on our roads; the very empty roads where I sit and look with a stealthy glance from my gray window; I mean a soulless and a smile-less window. I am always asking myself, but always there is no answer; how do we want to see birds and flowers near dry wells and an arid land? Yes, I will try to bring some loving water and warmhearted hands so I can plant a colored flower near my gray window.

Bio: Anwer Ghani

Anwer Ghani is an Iraqi poet and writer. He was born in 1973 in Alhilla. His name had appeared in Adelaide, Zarf, Peacock, Otoliths, Algebra of Owls, and others.

His poetry also had appeared in Inner Child Press anthology “The Year Of The Poet”. Anwer Ghani is the chief editor of “Tajdeed” literary magazine.  He had, in Arabic, forty books in literature and religious sciences.

Anwer Ghani is the chief representative of the World Nations Writers Union (WNWU) in Iraq, a member of international writers association (IWA),  and the established “Tajdeed Literary Institute (TLI)” and the annual “Tajdeed” Prize for expressive narrative.

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  1. I pray for the flower garden to be planted and to grow so the birds will sing again and the children will play.

  2. I too like Windows, and have written a piece about them. This poem is another beautiful example of the way your words open our eyes to both the colorless and the colorfulness of your world. The imagery it evokes is stunning and bittersweet.

  3. Dear Anwer Ghani,
    What a colourful and colourless picture you paint with these words. Breathtaking. And sad. And hopeful.
    Powerful writing – thankyou!
    Best wishes,

  4. Dear Marilyn,
    Deep thanks for publishing.
    Grey Window is one of my best poetic writing and I tried to use a new technique, I mean “I mean”.
    I love this poem.

  5. Stunning poem. I loved reading this aloud to myself, imaging the author in a faraway land experiencing this grey window. The imagery is so clear as to be tangible. And then it reminded me of a grey window I experienced as a child.
    Thank you for your gift of words.

    • Dear Alexsondra Tomasulo
      Deep thanks for your lovely reading. I think the reading is also an art and i am sure you create a very unique piece by your reading. Grey Window is one of my best poetic writing and I tried to use a new technique, I mean “I mean”.

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