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Poetry Break: Anwer Ghani

Remote Perfume 



Poetry Break: Anwer Ghani two drops of ink marilyn l davis remote perfume


She showed me the soul of the pink flower and the hidden colors of life, so the angels who know everything add nothing and the sorcerers who do everything do nothing. From her perfume, the world takes his meaning and the candles have no souls in the absence of her soft hand. You can’t feel the days’ pulses without her perfume and the riverbanks’ flowers can’t find their chants but in her eyes. In fact, I can’t continue to live in this empty desert because my horses smell her remote perfume. This remote perfume reached my last days where I was driving my thought towards surrealistic free world. Believe me, I know that it has inspirational windows and its sky has awesome colors, but what can I do, if all my doors were stolen and all my eyes were closed by unknown?


Colored Hearts


The hearts of birds are so hidden so I can’t see them very well. Sometimes I decide to open my sorceress woody box to see the exact color of these runaway hearts. They are very antique and when you want to overturn their leaves you will smell the perfumes of the old southern adventures. No moon can sit in the corners of these colored hearts because their brilliant rays will blind the daring eyes of the sun.

No clear roads in the depth, just wide space its infinite moments amaze your heart. I feel it; this amazement penetrating us as an old tale. On its hand, we find all the colored souls which put on our lips eternal kisses. Their hands rain astonishment over our heads and their smiles plant the colored roses in our corners. Please touch them softly; they are as delicate as a dream of a shy girl.

When we saw these colored shadows, their whispers penetrated us very fast, and when we smell the fragrance of their revelations, the sun slept in our dreams as a blue butterfly. In a matchless moment; an absent moment, all the warm letters and the deep ecstasies dissolve in us as sugar; that is when we touched these shadows and heard their colored wishes.



Bio: Anwer Ghani

anwer ghani two drops of ink marilyn l davisAnwer Ghani is an Iraqi poet and writer. He was born in 1973 in Alhilla city. His name had appeared in Adelaide, Zarf, Peacock, Otoliths, Algebra of Owls, and others.

His poetry also had appeared in Inner Child Press anthology “The Year Of The Poet.”

Anwer Ghani is the chief editor of “Tajdeed” literary magazine. He had, in Arabic, forty books in literature and religious sciences.

Anwer Ghan is the chief representative of the World Nations Writers Union (WNWU) in Iraq, the member in international writers association (IWA), and the establisher of “Tajdeed Literary Institute (TLI)” and the annual “Tajdeed” Prize for expressive narrative.

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