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Poetry Break: Simon Whittle: Cupid’s Lullaby

By: Simon Whittle 

 a dedication to my one



he danced in front of me

i didn’t want his skin to touch my skin

his air to brush my neck

i simply wanted his fingers to paint the world

the strike of his laughter to carry me safe



a glance


sculpt the language of love


in your glance


the harmony of silence


i give into the earth of your eyes


like craters, mysterious and infinite


i am yours


wage the language of grace


in your call


the tone like waves crashing into my heart


your mouth is all i see


the curve of your Cupid’s bow


after all, the emojis are molded after your smile


erase the perception of time


with your fingers


sweep the canvass of my skin


like a current hijacking all my senses


but you touch me all so harmlessly


and, i am bound to your charms



the vow


call me the thief of your heart


i never intended to be


but the promise kept like the eternal light for infinity


i vow to hold through thick and thin


your life and mine


bound by this ring




you found me


my trembling hands, as my trembling heart


you wooed me to take a leap, as you have leapt to embrace me


that first ray of genuine generosity


from that moment i couldn’t break free


i craved the abundancy of your warmth


like the sun giving me life


and you teased my woes away


a smile for an exchange of pain


you knew how to bandage my wounds


held my voice in esteem as if it was your honour


i never asked for you



to steal my soul


i don’t usually give in but i gave in to you


you unlocked the forgotten beauty in my heart


you tore my mountain of fear, grain by grain


and rebuilt it to the shape of our home


you found me


the i that once was frightened to be



the dance


the spin to the circle of our bands


the pledge recorded in one instant and kept forever


my ‘i do’ met with your beam of light


you consumed my promises


as i etched your composition into my heart


my breath, your breath


and we danced





swim in the ocean of my mind


two stones hurdled clashing and defying


the patter of your musings drip to my smile


you took your hand and waved it hallo


embraced my arm to pull me closer


patched the damages with one firm hold


i have forgiven the world


because you seized my hand and made me unbroken



Bio: Simon Whittle 

Simon Whittle lives with his husband in Canada.

If he’s not painting, then he’s writing stories. He runs a blog via WordPress with his best friend sharing happy, amusing, and sad anecdotes from their lives and lots and lots of poetry.

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