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By: Marilyn L. Davis 

When I read Whitney McKendree Moore’s book, Whit’s End, the first thing that stood out was how self-sufficient, poised, and seemingly together she appeared. However, we all know that looks are deceiving.

Adeptly moving from one type of crisis to another, she finally realizes she can’t fix the problems, can’t control the outcomes, and she certainly can’t make anyone in her family or herself better.

Although she had shouldered responsibilities for years – hers, and the feelings and actions of others, eventually, she learns what she is capable of, and what she had to give to God.

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Whit’s End is the biography of a breakdown, which might make this book sound like a depressing read, but it is just the opposite. Instead, it is a victory story, a true story, a story that brings hope to anyone who wants to make serious changes in their life. Whit’s End is a memoir that shows how to write one by reliving, reviving, and finding restoration in the process of writing.

The journey that unfolds in these pages begins with the author’s shocked realization that such a thing as “functional alcoholism” even exists. When the problem is finally revealed, she seeks help in Twelve-Step recovery and finds strength in the miracles people share in these meetings.

But the road to recovery and ultimate victory is never easy. Along the way, the author finds herself expecting a child at the age of 44, followed by complete adrenal exhaustion. At the end of her rope, she discovers the paradox of powerlessness.

It was the breakdown that caused her to finally say, “I can’t; God can; I need to let Him.” God then moved in power to accomplish The Impossible.

Moore’s story shows clearly that there is hope for the hopeless and help for the helpless; that a mess can be made a message and that a trial can be turned to triumph.


Bio: Whitney McKendree Moore

sunday Spotlight Whitney McKendree Moore two drops of ink marilyn l davis scott biddulphVoice and pen became Whitney’s personal ways to be heard. After she married in 1971, she published an article every year as she pursued her professional career and she continued to “sing constantly.”

Whitney McKendree Moore has published numerous articles in magazines such as Cruising World, Connecticut Magazine, YANKEE, Greenwich Magazine, Maine Boats and Harbors, and The Nautical Quarterly.

In 1987, she authored a book entitled Where to Next? that focused on making a successful career change; she also co-authored a book called Academy Days, a history of the school she attended while growing up in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Whitney has published 12 books.

She has also helped other people publish their stories using Createspace.

Whitney and her husband, Barry, have been married for forty-six years. They have just one child, a son who was born two weeks after they celebrated their twentieth year of child-free marriage. At the time, they were brand-new in recovery from alcoholism, which is a family disease. For a while, it looked like the disease might win, but God won instead.

A turning point for Whitney came in 1989, when she found her way into Twelve-Step recovery.

There, people were sharing “dirty laundry” and seeking God’s guidance to overcome. Now her writing is focused on encouraging others that God is still in the miracle-making business.

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  1. Thank you so much for helping to lift this book from the 12 million that are floating around in the river Amazon. It still amazes me that my story actually happened. Yay that truth can be stranger than fiction! I hope mine will bring encouragement to anyone who is facing the need to make serious changes in life. Honored to have my book in your Library Stack!

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