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By: Marilyn L. Davis
Dr. Barbara Sinor didn’t take lying down, lying down. Fracturing her hip required rehabilitation. Rather than merely lying there, she used this time to reflect and write about her fears, doubts, pain, and guilt in her eighth book, Inspirational Musings: Insights Through Healing.The Library Stacks at Two Drops of Ink: Dr. Barbara Sinor: Inspirational Musings marilyn l davis

Holli Kenley, author of Daughters Betrayed by Their Mothers, says, “Sinor’s poetic musings around topics such as Compassion, Suffering, Beauty, Joy, Awakening, and Faith not only inspire us, but awaken our souls to discover meaning and purpose both during and after our pain.” Holli Kenley, M.A., MFT,

Regardless of the type of pain – physical, emotional or mental, these musings can help you put that pain into perspective.

Beyond Pain

Her other seven books are highly endorsed in the non-fiction genres of addiction recovery, childhood abuse/incest, adult children of alcoholics, and other self-help and inspirational topics.

She is currently working on the sequel to her first novel, Finding Destiny.

Sinor’s other writing appears in the quarterly “Recovering the Self: A Journal of Hope and Healing,” as well as other magazines, newsletters, and blogs.





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