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The Down And Out Writer’s Evening Thoughts

By: Peeush Trikha




As the sun begins to set,

and evening sky starts showing its heavenly lights,

the man in casuals begins to ponder

and ponder and think aloud.


For he remembers the days of plots and twists in abundance.

Of crime thrillers, spy games.

Of offbeat romance, family dramas, kid’s tales.

Of animals turning into villains and sometimes angels.

Of 1000 words and 700 words.

Or thoughts about Man Booker

Or other awards.


Thoughts so high, spirits soaring.


Yet what made it stall?


The lure and laziness of a few extra greenbacks?


Or a lethargy of some tough winter days?


Where have all the plots and thoughts gone?


Where are all the character that the man could think of; vanished.

Could he overcome lethargy and thoughtlessness,

or his own mindlessness,

or the daily battles of savings and expenses

or the kids not listening and the school assignments.




Yet he now has a new resolve and the day will come.


Of coffee and twists, of a romance never heard of.

Or a character who overcomes it all.


The down and out writer’s evening thoughts are all not all sadness,

but hope and yearning for better days.


Of better days and plots and stories.


Bio: Peeush Trikha

Peeush is an Information Technology professional with over 15 years of experience.
A keen enthusiast of writing thrillers, mysteries and action stories, Peeush has also been a regular at sites like Wikinut, Forumcoin and others.
He was a regular contributor to Write India Series 2.
He has also tried his hands at drama, memoir writing, short comic stuff and has online blogs and articles on sports- especially cricket, business, politics.
His blog: Ptrkmindspeaks
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  1. You express what many of us feel. Often time the story is percolating for weeks before we start writing. Thank you for showing up and honoring the writing.

  2. The thoughts sometimes are so close, and then sometimes they vanish in thin air. I like how you capture that feeling in this poem. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Even without kids and other distractions, this spoke to me – sometimes I blink and weeks have gone by without me writing a word, although in my case ideas and stories keep coming and they are what lure me into thinking I’m still writing. But I cannot publish what’s in my head unless it’s on paper… *back to writing she goes*

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