Spring Companion

By: Joy Toro



Sleepy, quiet, night

Did a deer just come to visit?

The light from the porch signaled a passerby

A glance from the window to see

The light shines bright…but wait

Rain that sang me to sleep

became white dust during my dreams

Covering the once naked limbs

First weekend of spring

I smile as I settle back into bed,

snuggled with blanket and pillow

Will walk with you, snow, amongst

the woods tomorrow.



Bio: Joy Toro


Spring Companion Joy Toro Two Drops of Ink Marilyn L davisI’ve loved writing, words, and language for as long as I can remember. After college, most of my writing was work-related, which didn’t fulfill the creative writing itch. 

After some time, via a connection at Well of Mercy, a wonderful retreat area outside of Charlotte, NC, I was in touch with a writing coach who helped me see writing in a new light. This gift of a new perception helped me get away from perfectionist tendencies, which were also holding me back.

Now I write with a new spirit. One project is a story of my father’s life based on several years of interviews with him. 

I also enjoy poetry-that the words can be brief, poignant-there’s a freeness there. In addition to these projects, I like doing travel and restaurant reviews for different websites.

Nature, especially walking in the forest, re-energizes me. I have a passion for the environment, animals, and education and am looking into ways to bring certain educational and environmental organizations together to benefit current and future generations. Themes in my writing usually are around nature, aging, and the impact of substance abuse on families.


Two Drops of Ink: The Literary Home for Collaborative Writing

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If you need an additional platform for your writing, consider a guest post today. 


    • Thank you, Anwer. I like your “whispering” description. That word describes that night very well.

  1. You described one of my favorite things…snow days! And snuggling back in bed all warm and cozy, until play time later in the day. Happy Spring.

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