Poetry Break: Devika Mathur: Liquids and Moonlight

By: Devika Mathur


Poetry Break: Devika Mathur: Liquids and Moonlight Two Drops of Ink Marilyn L Davis



Liquids like solids, all rotating beneath my belly.

A sonogram of soft ripples.

A doctor’s quiet visit on my body,

To treat me of my sickness,

A sickness that stuffs my mouth of the moon.

A hope,

A daydream.

You see me,

You see a florescent night, sticking on the wall.

Aching/ sleeping/ chanting

Beneath the waters of hushed hands.

I am liquid, a liquid crack.






I find this moonlight mysterious.

Crescent curve of white froth.

I squint my eye,

To collect a trace of her melting blood.

It is opaque in my mind,

Shallow in my hand.


I could bite my lip each day sitting near the windowsill

To see her changing phases.

To see her collecting nocturnal chants

Under my body of God.


I sit & rub this wild air under my earlobe,

A whimper of soft loss of something.

This pervasiveness of things.


Like a necklace of walls.


I sit like a lotus often,

In solids and squares too.

Creating illusions of holding moonlight like an earring.

Sliced orange air.

A temperature drop in my naval.


Like a poet vanishing into the stench of a sea.

With words eaten & gulped.

Where did it go?

Things eat each thing like a murder.

This purple hue of the moon watches,

A slow death happening to me,

A slow, futile, inexplicable twitch occurring.

The pupil commutes like a castle. Soft yet fragile.


What is it, I wish for?

What is that light so pungent?

Bound, flexible so wild.

As if I am a hoax of sustenance.

I watch it combining and detonating.



Bio: Devika Mathur

Devika Mathur is an emerging poetess from the country of love and culture, India.
Her work has been previously published in Visual Verse, Slicklit Mag, Indian periodicals, Sudden Denouement, Subterranean Blue Poetry, Blue Pepper, The rye whiskey among others.
She writes for her blog  https://myvaliantsoulsblog.wordpress.com/.


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