Making the Day Count


By: Traci Kenworth

“Open your eyes, breathe in the fresh dawn air and, with it, all the possibilities this new day may bring.”  Stewart Stafford


Insomnia affects an estimated sixty million people a year, although scientists can’t come to an agreement as to the why. I’ve had this problem in my early teens, early thirties and now again, at fifty-one.

My habit is to go to sleep for three hours some days, six hours on others. Yes, it is a problem that has plagued me for many years, but I’ve decided to find benefits for waking up earlier than most. 


Making the Day Count two drops of ink marilyn l davis Making the Day Count


Early Risers Get to Work!


Since I’m up, I sit at my desk and follow my schedule for the day’s work.

  1. I can get letters out to friends and family.
  2. Search recipes and catalog them for future reference.
  3. Work on my character builder for my romance novel.
  4. Check in on Tweetdeck
  5. See if agents in my genre are looking for submission. 

All this before the sun barely shows on the horizon!


More Time to be Productive


Morning is an important time of day, because how you spend your morning can often tell you what kind of day you are going to have.” – Lemony Snicket, American author

There’s something about being up that early that gets me cracking. I feel more confident, ready to tackle the world. And since I can’t sleep, what better way to use the day then by getting things done. It gives me time for housework that I usually have to squeeze in when I’m not out running errands or driving my daughter to and from work.

Working earlier, we can usually accomplish tasks that might not get done otherwise. It gives us a time for productive tasks, especially if we have appointments where we know we’ll not have time to work on what we want. The trick for me has been to rotate things, even housework, mowing the lawn, finding time to write, seeing a doctor, or taking care of myself and family.

For a while, I was down from surgery and with the rain, things fell behind in the yard. I’ve been playing catch up when it’s not pouring down.  My daughter helps when she’s not working which it seems she always is anymore. My son has been having health problems, so he’s been recovering from those. He still needs to see the doctor for some issues, so I appreciate the early morning hours when I can write. 


Double the Output


Since I’ve been waking earlier, my output has doubled in terms of short stories and poems. There’s something to be said for accomplishing those items as it infuses you with pride and hope and a strength that maybe you can do this writing thing after all.

By afternoon, I find time for reading my book lists. As the day advances, I get into edits for two projects. I have to send a revision to an editor to make sure I take it to the next level for agents and publishing houses. The other will eventually head her way, but right now, it’s only on the second draft.

I also work on my blogs in the afternoon, getting posts ready. I have two now and I’ll add a third in the next couple weeks for my cooking, dollar hacks, and more. I’ll be working with my daughter and son on the project. It’s exciting and part of my day is looking forward to trying new recipes and breaking them down into the diets for my daughter’s celiac disease (no gluten) and my son’s lactose intolerance.


If You Finish Early, You Can Do More Things You Like

Making the Day Count two drops of ink marilyn l davis

Isn’t that good news for everyone? Doesn’t it put a little extra pump into your step? Freeing up your day for other things you’d like to do but don’t always have time is a plus.

  • Listen to your favorite music.
  • Binge that series on Netflix
  • Join your family for an outing
  • Write an extra 1000 words if the muse is active
  • Relax and read that novel 

I love the weekends because they allow me to socialize with my family more. I clear my calendar of writing and spend time with them. It rejuvenates me and gets me back to work early Monday morning, ready to pick up where I left off.


Rotate Your Schedule


The trick for me has been to rotate things, even housework, mowing the lawn, writing on my blogs, and taking care of family responsibilities. Have you gotten into a rut? Do the same thing everyday at the same time? Then maybe getting up earlier will energize you, too.  Or do you find that you’ve got so much to do that you struggle to get to sleep, let alone get up earlier? Perhaps a doctor will send you for a sleep study.

I have a CPAP mask which can be annoying when the seal is bad, but the days it works are like miracles for me. 

There are also medications that can help you get the sleep you need. However, I found most prescribed medications don’t help me. They actually pull me under and keep me there so that I have a hard time waking up and when I do, I’m really groggy throughout the day. Which makes for rough driving and holding up. I know there a lot of people who take melatonin for instance without any trouble. Again, not the case for me. But seek out medical advice for any sleep problems. 


Waking Up Early Can be a Positive Thing


Not only do you have the whole day before you, but you’re going to create more stories, break down and rebuild new recipes, tinker with household hacks among other things.

Finishing those things will bring great accomplishment and blessings. It will add to what you have to offer publishers. Heck, even if you’re not a writer, there are positives for getting up early.

Making the Day Count two drops of ink marilyn l davis


There are always things to do, and don’t we all wish for more hours in the day? Well, if you get up at 5 AM instead of 9 AM, you’ve got four hours to work on all you have to do.  What could you do in those four hours? 

  • Keep working on your tasks
  • Allocate some me time, too
  • Enjoy feeling productive 
  • Get all the benefits that come with more hours in the day

You will find that being awake so early, might not be so bad after all. In fact, it could be quite good for you.


Bio: Traci Kenworth


Traci Kenworth writes all genres of YA as well as the occasional historical romance. She lives in Ohio with her son, daughter, and four cats, chasing snippets of whatever story she’s working on at the time.

She has been writing since she was old enough to hold a pencil. Writing saved her during a dark period in her life.  She is forever grateful to God for this way out of the darkness and into the light.

That’s the type of hero/heroine she writes about, survivors and those they love. Her writings show others a way back when they think everything is lost.

Her character’s stories give the reader that most welcome gift – hope. Some other things she enjoys: genealogy, riding horseback, and, of course, reading.


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